In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


:D Well played!


I think its one of the only scenes in the entire series where Holt displays physical happiness. :D

This show is up at the top of my favorites list with other fine quality comedies such as Parks and Rec, 30 Rock and The Office.


How dare you.


On the renewal side of things, its possible that Constantine is being revived as a series on the DC streaming network. And they want Matt Ryan back. The DC network has the advantage of not being as restrictive as regular network TV so they can take things a bit darker in the series. I hope this happens, I really like Ryan’s Constantine and more of it would be a good thing.




I’d be down with a Constantine revival, although I liked his stint this season on Legends and would be fine with him staying there for a while, too.


Strike Back getting a Final season (again).

I only ever saw season 1, has anyone else watched it?


Shit, I didn’t even know that [Sk]inemax was still a thing. :-)



Heh. It is, I guess for a while longer, though they’ve even (gasp) made a big deal of dropping most of their salacious “late night” content…which parent company HBO also did on their on-demand Now and Go platforms. I’m guessing there are less and less middle-ground softcore skin flicks available that are in that hard-R/NC-17/TV-MA range, but absolutely not X. Probably not too profitable any more for content creators, either.


SuperStore gets Season 5.


I only ever watched season 1, and felt it was alright but not really funny. Did it get better?


The ads that I am constantly shown for it say it’s great!


SuperStore is generally funny, and has moments of comedic brilliance here and there, but it’s no Community or anything. My son and I watched the first couple of seasons and enjoyed it, but kind of dropped off once it became just more of the same for the most part.


Yeah, I’d say “competent” is a good description. Early on and through the first two seasons it shows some real potential, but it ended up kind of falling back on safer TV comedy tropes as it went into seasons 3 and 4. Basically it kind of caught “Modern Family” disease, where it stayed reasonably competent and fairly entertaining for what it is, but you sort of miss the promise and potential it showed when it was newer.


Strike back first few seasons were fun. Good shooting scenes.

The rebooted ones were pretty bad. I tried to watch, could not.


I like Superstore a lot, I just feel like the characters are better (vs MF) and the setting really sets up some funny moments. There’s a reason why people of walmart is a funny site and they can play on all those tropes.

I used to like Modern Family too, but I stopped a few seasons ago and only slot them in when I don’t have anything better to watch and really need a comedy. So I just want to pop in and disagree with the comparison, I think Superstore is largely much better in Season 3/4 then Modern Family is now. I’m not sure your comparison won’t ring more true in the future though as the season count catches up.


The kids and I are still watching SuperStore as appointment TV and getting a lot of laughs out of it. The cold open last night was fucking great, right out of something from The Office at its height.


True, but totally worth watching still. For mass market comedies it’s the bee’s knees.