In Time

Here’s a link to the trailer.

Not sure what to think. I generally think Timberlake is a decent actor, curious to see how he does in the lead of a potential action film. Directed by Andrew Niccol of Gattica and Lord or War, two movies I thought were pretty good.

Maybe not a Day 1, but will be curious how this turns out.

Shot by Roger Deakins, and this is first film on digital.

Might have to see this, I guess.

Completely missed that… this keeps getting more interesting.

I had added it to my watchlist just because the idea seems interesting. It’s going to be a tough sell to audiences, though; the concept may be a little too hard to grasp for the mainstream.

Very high concept sci-fi, whose gimmick makes sense for a crazy action flick. I like it already.

Saw the trailer last night before Apes. He cheats on Olivia Wilde!? COUNT ME OUT.

(or is she his sister in the flick or something… wasn’t sure)

He called her “mom”.

Well then, that certainly changes things. That is one hot mom.

It looks like a corporate Logan’s Run. Who will play Box?

Cillian Murphy? I’m in.

Best excuse to cast young, good looking people for every single role? How many of the stars are actually over 25, i wonder.

Am I meant to believe that Cillian Murphy is biologically 25?

He REAAAAALLLY doesn’t look 25.

It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.