In Which Florida Strives to Create an Even-Worse American Christian Caliphate

NC was getting too much love in the other thread so…

Imagine going into special ed and then throwing around the word retards.

Once again we learn that people are stupid and bad. Sigh.

If we move all the Florida content here then the WTF thread is gonna get real quiet.

Orlando residents have to limit water usage because the liquid oxygen used to purify their water is being diverted to Covid patients…

But I thought that we were going to get MORE oxygen by not wearing masks?

Right? I have no idea what to believe anymore. I better ask my uncle on Facebook.

NRCC Need’s Trump leadership & policies without another Trump presidency.

Like when he told people to inject bleach.

Nobody needs that, really.

Jesus wept. Or coughed.

That whole thread is full of people with Covid.

DeathSantis’ mask ban not looking to be in a good spot so far.

Oh man, Popehat’s head gonna asplode…

Crap. Too late…

Is that not a good example? Perhaps theres something I’m missing. Part of it is an inside joke I’m guessing.

Here is decently concise explanation why the “yelling fire in a crowded theatre” trope is a bad legal example.

Yeah, Ken has been seething at that example for years. Another pet peeve of his is when anyone anywhere suggests the RICO statute is applicable to a particular situation. It almost never is.