In Which Florida Strives to Create an Even-Worse American Christian Caliphate

Oh, I thought they were just there on the wall. Yeah, that is different.

That said, slippery slope, so we need to fight hard as hell against displaying because then it becomes teaching and then shunning all others. Growing up an atheist in Appalachia wasn’t fun.

I gotta think Walters is what happens when voters don’t really pay attention to the elections they partake in.

Oh, yeah, like Alabama and Georgia too (though Georgia at least partakes of Appalachia as well of course). Jebus was everywhere, though 99% of the people extolling his name had no clue what the fuck they were talking about.

Unrelated reminder:

The office furniture in question:

For that kind of money, you’d think he’d go with the Asspounder 4000.

I was not disappointed with where that link led.

Jesus fucking Christ. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t that important, but this is why liberal arts majors are important, and liberals in politics are also important:

Jesus. A few precocious Floridian high schoolers may well enjoy Jane Austen’s comedy of manners, class and romance. But they will not learn about American pride, unyielding spirit, or heroic patriotism in fucking Pride & Prejudice.

But the word is in the title!

That book’s about racism, innit?

Jane Austen has become the acceptable literature for young women by conservatives, since its old, famous, and concerns itself mainly with “proper” feminine issues (clothes, dating, relationship, marriage).

They probably added that as a “let’s pick something for girls” sort of pick.

I think it’s far more likely that this guy has never read that book, and picked it because it was a famous literary classic with the word Pride in the title.

It was also their book of the month back in January. They may or may not have read it :)

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I’m confused as to why anyone thinks the guy who has his name on the proclamation has anything to do with it beyond lending his name. That’s not how organizations work.

Well, he says he did, so he gets the credit. That’s how it works.

Then I’m doubly surprised he picked it, because it also had the word Prejudice in the title, which is some loopy DEI or CRT concept.