In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate

I was just coming to post that horrific take.

I missed this bit of news, this morning

The 2 discipline pieces mentioned, are pretty much nothing compared to the rest of the article.

At the same time as the court was considering how to handle the two white Republican judges, the commission was weighing another fraught matter.

In March 2023, Earls, the Supreme Court’s lone Black justice and a Democrat, received a letter from the commission informing her that she was under investigation. The letter stated that Earls had been accused of disclosing “confidential information concerning matters being currently deliberated in conference by the Supreme Court.”…

… The lawsuit led to public outcry, which was fiercely critical of the investigation and which was partially fueled by the fact that Newby had himself made remarkably similar statements alleging that his Democratic colleagues were biased.


Holy shit this is some fucking evil. Spoilered if you don’t want to feel worse about humanity.

The MAGA candidate…

I wonder if he thinks he’s in Texas - or just wants to be - where, iirc, “he needed killing” is still a valid defense.

This is on target for him, too.