In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Doesn’t the Constitution guarantee “A Republican form of government” to the states? I think one could make the argument that the NCGA is now acting contrary to a Republic in terms of ignoring the vote and is therefore unconstitutional.


Or one could argue they are simply giving us a Republican government.


Ultimately, they are fighting a losing battle. All new money and growth coming into the state is through the tech industry, which is not going to be in line with outdated puritanical nonsense.

Smart members of the GOP realize this, but they are shouted down by the reactionary members who still outnumber them. And the result is that they will continue to push younger generations away, and ultimately lead to the demise of the party.

It’ll just take a while for them to wither.


The hits just keep on comin’!

The NC legislature was all ready to repeal HB2, but only after Charlotte repealed their pro-LGBT ordinance that started the whole shebang. Charlotte repealed most of their ordinance, so in a tit-for-tat response, the legislature crafted a HB2 repeal bill that

  • Prohibits local governments from passing pro-LGBT ordinances, and
  • delays the expiration of HB2 for a six month ‘cooling off period.’

I like what thinks of the six-month period:

The fear is that the legislature could just keep extending the six-month period indefinitely, as long as they have the votes to do so, which would mean the Republicans get HB2 and local governments can’t do anything about it. Fun!

Anyway, the vote to repeal fell through and each party is blaming the other.


So, seriously, God, if you’re real up there, what do I have to sacrifice to you to send a fortunate asteroid screaming toward the NCGA?


Beep. We’re sorry, but God is not available to answer your prayers. Your prayers are important to God, so please remain on the line and God will eventually answer your prayers in the order they were received. Currently servicing Prayer #1: “Save me from that rampaging giant sloth oh no here it comes–”


The Devil says he’ll do it, but it’ll cost you your vote for Donald Trump (or his progeny) in 2020. Your move.


Ah, the ol’ “Throw out the rest of the national for notional local benefit!” scheme from the Rust Belt, eh? Don’t think I’m not onto you and your tricks, Satan!


This will get thrown out by the state court at some point , though I would have taken the six-month thing if that was the only change. I don’t like it, but getting rid of the hate law is worth six months of mild stupid.

I called one of the Dem State Senators and asked them why they didn’t take the deal- their logic was that they’d use the long session to pass something else equally bad. It’s understandable logic, but they might do that anyways- I feel getting this off the book is more important.


The unspoken logic, though, is that HB2 is unpopular and the GOP owns it, so giving them a chance to “repeal” without actually improving anyone’s life is just a bad deal all around. The longer it goes without repeal, the more pressure mounts against it, so why compromise?


You guys think that the NC GOP thinks this looks bad for them? Yeah right, it’s just an opportunity to attack dems. Click through.


Of course they’re going to say that. It’s all those terrible Democrats’ fault! They’d never have had to pass HB2 in the first place if not for the Democrats!


I think you’re being a bit too nice with your representation. What they said was,

“The HB2 blood is now stain soaked on their hands and theirs alone. What a dishonest, disgraceful shame by Roy Cooper and Charlotte Democrats.”

I mean, jesus fucking christ. If I can help you summon that meteorite in any way @ArmandoPenblade, let me know.


Oh I know that what they’re trying to do is disingenuous. I just don’t think it’ll fly.

The good folks of NC know who caused this mess; they know it for a certainty. It was:

(a) The homo-loving degenerates in Charlotte
(b) The GOP of the NCGA and the GOP Governor

The bleating of the current GOP assemblymen will gently assauge the believers in (a), but not do anything to sway the people who believe (b). And as the recent election shows, there are a few more of group (b) than (a).

Really, there’s not much incentive for the Democrats to let the current governor and GA off the hook. Getting HB2 repealed on Cooper’s watch would be better for them anyway.


The actual reasons here are national now, not state. The Repubs will never let go of their anti LGBT stance, and this is all just a ploy. They expect there to be a national analog to HB2 put up soon, so the local and state measures will become irrelevant. Thats the only reason they even discussed it with Cooper and Charlotte at all. And thats the reason for the extra 6 months, to assure nobody accidentally gets extra rights for a while until a national bill squashes them. Remember McCrory went up to kiss the ring in Trump tower, and his video statement about the Charlotte repeal used the phrase “gender identity is a national issue”.

Likely a beefed up First Amendment Protection Act


Hey @ArmandoPenblade, good news!

You’re officially worse than Cuba now.


Yes, as the thread title clearly states, we are a Christian Caliphate. Bout time people started to catch up to that! ;-)


Hearing the NAACP is going to join in on the North Carolina boycott now- over a combination of things.

Cooper might be right in the boycotts doing more harm than good now, as it’s going to keep the folks who would vote to get rid of the boycott away.


What a bunch of petulant manchildren.

(also thanks Discord, that other Twitter link I posted in December is totally the same as this Twitter link)


Auditioning for a White House communications position…