In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Lesbianism is a medical condition in NC:


To be fair, the hospital recanted it pretty quickly- and I’m willing to buy their explanation.


My first thought was… what ICD10 code is that. I’ve never heard of that, although there are so many codes. Their explanation though doesn’t make sense. Why would you need a note that the person is a lesbian? What kind of questions are they asking? Many health systems have a sex and now gender fields. You can use the patient’s real name for like billing and have a preferred name or alternate name in another… when patients are asked about frequency of sex or protective sex there isn’t going to be an asterix that says don’t ask the lesbians… it’s odd.

Documented Relationships… also have sex fields and a spot to describe the relationship, like Spouse.


Digging into NC gerrymandering


Man that is a sad read. I’m hoping we can turn this state back to the way it was, but that was … depressing.


It’s doable- the thing about gerrymanders is that they can be blown out, especially the more extreme they become.

All it takes is a wave year like 2010, and that could happen in 2018 or more likely 2020.


Get on it NC people.


Stop sucking for five minutes, North Carolina



(it’s an acronym, ffs discourse)


Called him and Burr both. A lot. Heh.


As an NC resident, I would be shocked if either Tillis or Burr fail to vote for her.


I’d be gobsmacked if either of them voted the way I wanted in a contentious DvsR vote for the duration of their tenures. . .


Looking like there might be a legit chance to repeal HB2 now. Some Republicans put up a House Bill 186 alongside some Dems.

It has some things that aren’t great in it, but it repeals HB2 and doesn’t really do harm, so it’s a massive improvement- I’d suggest calling state folks up and tell them to accept the deal, even if they’re Dems.

Yes, I’d want a clean repeal, but it’s not gonna happen. Take what we can get now, fight for the rest later.


I mean I’m pretty okay forcing the entire state to suffer the economic consequences of what they did.

But on the other hand, I’d sure like my LGBTQ friends to stop feeling suicidal all the time.

Guess I’ll call!


Meanwhile, in the Great Western Pajama Patriarchy, Utah’s best and brightest put their heads together to try and figure out how they can make revenue after brilliant moves like chasing the Outdoor Retailer convention out of the state with their desire to carve up the state’s public lands and national parks and sell them to oil and mineral extraction companies. I mean, who needs arches when you can have oil derricks?

Of course, as a heavily Republican state, if you’re going to raise taxes then by golly, it better be the most regressive tax you can come up with. So how about we raise taxes on food?

Fuck the Republican party and everything they stand for. Fuck them all.

P.S. I’m sorry to hijack your North Carolina shitwagon and turning it into a general “Fuck My State” thread.


Iowa has gone complete clusterfuck. People are pisssed. We’re a purple state and they’re acting like it’s Mississippi or something because they won an election. Meanwhile Branstad is signing everything - sometimes secretly with a Koch lobbyist (and I’m not fucking making that up) - before he flees off to China where we can’t reach him.


One step forward, 5 steps back.


Don’t forget this gem, which happened 10 miles from my house.


Nah dude, fuck your state. We get it.


North Carolina part 2 right there. We always waffled blue and red over time. The push toward republican led everything was post gerrymandering and has seriously trashed a lot of things here along with it. Good luck to you and @KevinC as well.