In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Realistically, I could change the thread to “In Which Republicans Strive to Create an American Christian Caliphate and Put Everyone Else to the Sword” and not really change much!


That is exactly how it is here, except the legislature doesn’t even need the governor to sign things, and Art Pope (a Koch lieutenant) is writing the laws.

Well, I’m doing my part to resist tomorrow- I’m not good at street protest, but I’ll do my part quietly.


Best reply I saw was along the lines of “making sure the next generation is qualified for a career in NC politics”


Now, what the story is missing is HB117 which requires all children with an IQ higher than 115 to play in their school’s football team. . .


I have nothing but contempt for this man.


Tillis beating Hagan was one of the saddest electoral moments in my life… Until Trump.


Hey look NC will be mildly less shitty.


Best deal Cooper could have made with the Caliphate.

That said, overcome the gerrymander and win the legislature, you can always remake the law the way you want.



Sadly, it’s not the elite who are hurt so much by this. They have the resources to rebuild and likely have very good insurance. It’s the middle-class and the poor who will be devastated.

Guess it’s time for the state of NC to step and take care of this. They don’t need the Feds meddling in their affairs anyway!


Reusing because it’s perfect in every way for this.


Yep. Fucking sucks for those affected, but that’s the price to pay for voting for Republicans. Eventually, people die and get hurt. Want to stop dying and getting hurt? Stop voting Republican, and stop allowing your friends/family to do the same. Tie em to a chair on election day if you have to.


Most of those getting hurt by this didn’t vote Republican- if they were able to vote at all. It’s largely the black communities in the SE part of the state.


More fine quality GOP legislating in the dead of night. Who knows what, this time…

Oops, embed fail, here is a screenshot.

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This is really 4D chess! Why try to sway existing Democrat voters to their side when they can just ensure the next generation of kids grow up poor and stupid enough to vote Republican?


These guys are so cartoonishly evil, you may need Scooby Doo and the gang to clear them out.


How can this possibly be constitutional?


Late night sessions are unfortunately not just a North Carolina thing. We elect these shitheads and they bind together to do stuff like this, so … within the rules.

When I say we elect, I mean the masses. Mostly likely every NC resident of this forum did NOT vote for them, nor would approve of the shit they just did. NC has a few steps holding it above our classes southern state neighbor, one of them being better a education system and spending. Now we see they don’t care about that at all, as not just this state senate, but the last several years of it have been for cutting education spending.