In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


I just want to set all joking aside for a moment and say that we are not a country full of people who are going to sit there and watch our political opponents die on the side of the road when we can help them. That is total madness. I feel like it’s good to be clear about this with all of the “but they aren’t people” talk.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that those in this thread were probably joking. None of us want to see the guy die in person. Political death, on the other hand …


Yeah, I know it’s a lot of elbow nudges to the ribs stuff, but I think it’s important to call it out a little given the political climate.


What’s ironic here is that one of our NC Senators was the one who called for a bullseye on Hillary.

So, yep, we should be careful with what we joke about, but these guys are scum of the earth.


Right, we should be calling for them to pull back their own dangerous rhetoric, not join them and do it ourselves.


I would like your comment, but I’ll just say, you go girl!


A friend of mine was made a Kentucky Colonel because he helped resuscitate a state representative as an EMT once.


Did he get a lifetime supply of chicken from the deal?


That’s really awesome.

@Shellfishguy: You go, girl!


Depends on the societal context too. If civilization up and running no decent human would not render aid to someone suffering especially with good samaritan laws on the books. In most states it would probably a felony if didn’t do something. But in a post apoc world all bets are off. Before rendering aid to anyone I’d have to probe whether or not they’re Republican or voted for Trump.

I never thought it would come down to nuclear war.

Me too. He said he would MAGA.

Oh you voted for Trump?


Wrong answer.


I did not know that this was a thing.


Unlike my state government, I strongly believe in education.


I was good until the cottage cheese part.


In an unusual alliance, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas joined Kagan and the court’s other liberals — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor — in saying the Voting Rights Act did not justify lawmakers’ actions.

The article does t say what will happen next with the two districts in question. Will they be redrawn before the '18 midterms or can republicans stall any imitative to have them redrawn in a timely manner. Who will redraw them anyway - bipartisan commission or the good old boys network again?

Edit. Finally a damn article that mentions what happen in the meantime

For the immediate future, North Carolina will use maps based on redrawn legislative districts for the 2016 election that eschew the extreme shapes of the 2011 redistricting for districts with actual geographic coherence. But there’s only two more federal elections before the next round of redistricting in 2021.


Too late. It’s already started. Trump’s election was the crossing of the Rubicon.

At this point I’ll be surprised if we don’t see widespread political violence from the losing side next decade.




What the ever loving fuck? One of the benefits of concealed carry was a trackable record of the holder, as well as the REQUIREMENT OF TRAINING on gun safety and applicable laws. As a gun owner I’m all for those requirements.

This is going to end up in something bad and the blood will be on their hands for it.


I dunno if it really changes much, in practice. Folks still need to legally purchase the weapon.


This bill was not on the agenda and not taken up on Wed. I guess we should look for it to appear at a later surprise midnight legislation party.