In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


A felon could walk into a gun show and get one “legally” without much issue.

I’m sure NC doesn’t close that loophole or any others.


In rare good news:

However, how about this goofy crock of shit?

But Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, urged senators to defeat the measure, saying it poses a danger to public health and undermines the state’s control system for liquor.

Calling the Sunday sales provision “sensitive to business interests but insensitive to churches,” Creech argued, “Surely, we can wait to start serving drinks until after the preacher has said the benediction.”

Sorry that day drinking is literally more interesting to your parishioners than your sermon, Reverend.


But his possession of that weapon would be illegal, wouldn’t it?


Solution: move the sermons 2 hours earlier. There, problem solved.


Only if you already know he’s a felon.


No, I mean if a cop encountered him and he had the weapon, that itself would be equally illegal under the current system, or under the system where no concealed carry permit is necessary.

Even though he wouldn’t need a permit to carry the weapon concealed, since he’s a felon, he’s already committing a crime just by owning the gun. That’s correct, isn’t it?

That’s why I’m thinking that removing that requirement doesn’t really change much… the only thing that it changes is removal of a requirement to get certain training.


How would the cop know he was a felon?

Barring direct personal knowledge, he wouldn’t. Or he’d make that assumption based on something else. I wonder what they’ll use? Oh wait, I already know what they’ll use.

It isn’t about training so much as the background check. I have a carry license. So when a cop sees my weapon I can show him my license. He instantly knows I am not a felon and the scenario is de-escalated. Without that license, he doesn’t know for sure until he runs my drivers license or some other ID. So he is naturally going to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Only barring some other offense, he doesn’t really have a right to ask for my ID. So if I’m a felon from out of town that he doesn’t know, he spots my gun… he can’t do anything about it unless I break a law.

Contrast that with say, Iowa. If a cop spots my gun, I have to show him my licence then and there. If I don’t have it, he can arrest me on the spot. If I produce the license afterwards I’m exonerated, but he can still do the initial arrest because he has no way of knowing otherwise.


It’s going to come up when he runs the guys plate or ID.

Sure, if you are just walking around randomly it might not come up I guess.


Just imagine if he were in CA, where football starts at 10am on Sundays (7am in Hawai’i) ;)



In which NC attempts to become “traveling Florida.”


Holy fuck man


The worst thing is they’re trying to ban the governor from suing the legislature. I think that one will get overturned.


Uh oh! We are spreading like a rash!


Like poison ivy, or like diaper rash? I say, why not both!


More like weeping herpetic lesions.


Oh, I’m sorry, that’s not covered by Trumpcare.


Probably for the men, just not the women.


As long as they are not on birth control, those harlots.


NC never stops giving.