In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


His wife is on the local school board (I grew up there)


The thing is, many of the people who read what he says there aren’t going to know the history to understand that he’s essentially throwing up a straw man to make people think Democrats are racists too.


One of the staples of the modern GOP and especially their most racist members is to pretend that the Civil Rights Act didn’t change anything and that they wouldn’t all be the Southern Democrats they keep pointing at.


These people still run around on Facebook asking all blacks for a thank you. They only care about history when it’s too their advantage and everything else is “water under the bridge.”



Replied to this but lost it due to mobile. I don’t really have an issue here. The guy is taking vacation to do a second job. He should a actually be protected to GET his pay, not prevented from it. I don’t know why this was even considered double dipping due to that.


I agree, but also think one could argue that the guy is overcommitted and that they should find somebody else for one of his jobs.


Yeah, as I understand it the “double-dipping” is primarily a concern about collecting a pension on one job while working the other for the same employer. He doesn’t seem to be doing that or anything else remotely unsavory, but I’d agree the guy probably needs a real vacation, lol


Honestly state payroll laws here in NC kinda suck. Maybe they’re equally obnoxious elsewhere, but this is the first time I’ve worked for a state. We run into all sorts of goofy roadblocks in the program I work for, since we commonly pay out stipends and honorariums to educators, professors, and other state employees.

All that said, passing a law that basically says “Leave my buddy Jerry alone” is pretty fuckin’ goofy, but par for the course.


Many laws start with a single case. We’re just not used to seeing it that way. it’s one person today but it could easily apply to dozens later. It’s kind of goofy that someone can’t do a vacation and basically do whatever they want with it outside conflicts of interest or something like that.


I agree on that latter part completely, though it seems like low enough pay that I’m assuming it’s not much work, therefore probably not a fit for a full employee?

They do goofy shit where we work as well and we aren’t even a state or federal gig. I also agree on the strange law for one guy, but hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have something like, “Tom’s Law,” whereby some employee can get paid for gaming time taken during breaks.


Hey, you should come work with me then! I can play games any time, for research, and I get paid to do it! :)


I’m jealous. I’m assuming you work for a game company, Clay?


Yep. I’m a data scientist at Imangi – the company that makes the Temple Run games.


Now I’m imagining a looped track of the war drum beats being played there whenever you guys are under a time crunch. =)


@Alstein @Skipper @ArmandoPenblade who else?

This is super important. If nothing else, send an email! The maps haven’t been made public.

Tweet stream with more info:


Nice info, Clay. I’ll try to attend the one in Charlotte.


Just looking at those districts gives me a headache. It’s like a political Moebius strip.

Is there anyone in NC who tries to justify these districts with a straight face?


They outright said they drew them along racial lines originally. There is no shame amongst the North Carolina GOP. Hence the thread title.


Those are less gerry-mander and more gerry-worm.