In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


It’s clearly a gerry-anderson, doi.



This twitter thread has more of the awful.


Why don’t these uppity athletes respect the national anthem anyway?


Wow that guy is a racist moron. How can you be that deaf to what’s going on right now that your response not only opposes the teardown of a confederate monument, but you one up your own racist stupidity by referring to slaves as workers, completely oblivious to the last 150 years when it was FUCKING ABOLISHED, and we have a constitutional amendment to prove it??

Holy hell that guy needs to be kicked to the curb, stat.



A candidate for mayor in Charlotte, N.C., listed “white” among her qualifications in Facebook comments that have since been deleted.


I guess, why even bother with the dog whistles anymore?


Does deleting the post now make her a race traitor?


No, posting something terrible and then deleting it, but the original post getting tons of publicity is the new hotness. Everyone she was trying to message understands.


“Sorry, nobody told us we were in actually in favor of this…”?


I have to laugh. We have the keystone cops of congressmen.


When you accidentally file a brief with the Supreme Court. We’ve all been there.



Who knew there were actually forums for this hobby. “Specify type of goat” indeed.


You know, “inventing” something that purports to attract mythical creatures and trying to sell it may be unscrupulous, but I have an uneasy respect for someone like that.

"How do you know it works?” Webb asked, laughing. “That’s a tough question. I guess I could ask how do you know it doesn’t work?”

Now, if there is a follow-on article abouthow this woman has become an overnight multi-millionaire due to sales in NC, then I think it’s a valid entry into this thread.


I’m thinking of inventing an herbal holistic bullet tip that will provide non-lethal takedown of bigfoots. I just need a snappy name. I’m leaning toward Zsquatch or Squatchnap, and maybe this annoying guy to voice the commercials.


I was beginning to worry that a whole week would pass by without NC being an embarrassment.


Not a live boy or dead girl… not a scandal


We don’t take well to no mooooslem women running for office (candidate for Raleigh City Council)


Is that supposed to be a swastika?