In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate



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We also just nixed judicial primaries for the state:


That one on the left isn’t a failed swastika, it’s a Manx triskelion


Someday, after I’ve ascended to a higher plane and spent my immortality slapping idiots in this timestream, I’m going to have a stern word with the person who wrote that headline.


…spoilers: you’re going to believe number five


That is just disgusting.


We have 3 recent families recently move into the community, two from Malaysia, one from Saudi Arabia. The are all Muslim families and all three have children. The two mothers from Malaysia wear hijab headscarves (face in view) and the latter wears a burka (face behind dark veil.)

I will go hang out at the bar where my girlfriend works and sit outside on the patio frequently, where there is a lot of foot traffic that passes by. Whenever any of these three ladies walk by with their children, the comments I hear mumbled or plainly spoken nearby are absolutely disgustingly racist. People don’t know any difference at all in where they are from, who they are, or what they are like. They just see a woman wearing some sort of head scarf and throw out, “sand nigger,” plain as day. Or, “those fucking Muslims need to go home,” etc.

I know it has always been hard for people that look different, but I feel like this had changed for the worse with this administration and party that places a high value in labeling anyone of the Muslim community as a potential terrorist. It’s sad, and I certainly feel bad for these families.


Hey man, commenting on religion isn’t racis…



I’m probably in the minority, but I work at a university and we have a lot of students who wear the hijab.

Whenever I see one, my first thought is " Way to exercise your 1st Amendment rights! ", and I’m glad to live in a country where (on paper, at least),it’s possible to do so.

I would love to see a flying spaghetti monster hijab.


Sorry, you’re right, I was lumping anti-Muslim into that because they were discriminating toward their religious garb. Either way, it is saddening to hear.


You think the ‘artist’ knows what a triskelion is, eh?

Speaking of which, am I the only person who thinks the real thing is pretty darn creepy?


Well after moving down in June, my daughter is finally going in to get her NC drivers license. One more vote against the stupidity at least!


Hey, welcome to NC!


Can be creepy, yeah.


I’ll wager 400 quatloos on the newcomer.


Great. Now I have the Star Trek fight music stuck in my head.


Me too!

Maybe NC can co-opt it as their state anthem?



If you can’t create legal laws, change the Judges:

Republicans with a firm grip on the North Carolina legislature — and, until January, the governor’s seat — enacted a conservative agenda in recent years, only to have a steady stream of laws affecting voting and legislative power rejected by the courts.

Now lawmakers have seized on a solution: change the makeup of the courts


The North Carolina GOP’s naked grab for power at any costs has me deeply worried for what happens on the national level in 2018 and beyond.