In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


It’s why I think those of you who feel any hope whatsoever for 2018 or 2020 are insane.


“I thought having (the marker) would give me some leverage. In hindsight, I should have just written it up as a bad debt. This could ruin my reputation. Hopefully, we can get this resolved, even if I take a loss on it."

“Oh. Dang. I guess I’m the bad guy.”



When it comes to the integrity of the voting district boundaries no country has ever received as low a score as the 7/100 North Carolina received. North Carolina is not only the worst state in the USA for unfair districting but the worst entity in the world ever analyzed by the Electoral Integrity Project.

…democracies do not limit their citizens’ rights on the basis of their born identities. However, this is exactly what the North Carolina legislature did through House Bill 2 (there are an estimated 38,000 transgender Tar Heels), targeted attempts to reduce African-American and Latino access to the vote and pernicious laws to constrain the ability of women to act as autonomous citizens.


Sad. Also, note the article is 1 year old.


"A panel of federal judges struck down North Carolina’s congressional map on Tuesday, declaring it unconstitutionally gerrymandered and demanding that the Republican-controlled General Assembly redraw district lines before this year’s midterm elections.

The ruling was the first time that a federal court had blocked a congressional map because the judges believed it to be a partisan gerrymander, and it deepened the political chaos that has enveloped North Carolina in recent years.

“We agree with plaintiffs that a wealth of evidence proves the General Assembly’s intent to ‘subordinate’ the interests of non-Republican voters and ‘entrench’ Republican domination of the state’s congressional delegation,” Judge James A. Wynn Jr. wrote…"


Wilson is probably one of the epicenters of racism in NC. Nevertheless, good on this guy.


This is an ongoing example of how the voting itself is becoming the postlude to the fight for who gets to make the rules and hold on to power.



But our unemployment rate is so great! We’re great again! This is just liberal nonsense.


Thousands of poop shoveling jobs just opened up. Thousands.


Don’t worry guys, we just passed a law protecting the hog farmers so that they won’t have to pay to clean anything up!

p.s. Barbecue is delicious.


Good thing coal is clean.


Wow, the coal ash is actually going to wash the water, resulting in less pollution than before. Win-win!


Righto, could you imagine if it were another Fukushima?


Just like an activated carbon Brita water filter.


Maybe it would be easier to list the toxins that are not entering the water at this point.


Sometimes I wonder if announcing gluten and sugar are getting into the water supply would cause a bigger reaction.


No joke, one of the biggest risks, according to the Red Cross, are the tanker trucks off I-5, and its milk. It sounds grazy right because you’d think gasoline or oil but apparently the natural devastation of having milk just pour in massive amounts into one of our water sources would be pretty awful, destroys fish populations and more. Gas is also not good.

Removing milk from some regulations sounds like something our current admin would think is perfectly fine not understanding just how awful it is.

But… you’re not wrong. I don’t know that the average citizen truly understands what having coal and pig shit, I forgot what the third one is, in the water is really going to do, and why they don’t want it.


I mean, we already have runoff from those being called into question for groundwater already. So we just went from suck to blow.

Here is an example of a previous one.