In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


For today’s EPA, the problem is not mitigating the harm so much as convincing people that everything is fine.


We’re good at enabling Duke Energy to spill coal ash down here.


Enjoy your coal ash NC, it’s what you voted for.

Sort of. Don’t look at the illegal gerrymandering.


Sometimes we share it with Virginia.


Do you guys cook the barbecue with coal or something?


Look, when we elected a 28-year Duke Energy executive as our previous governor, it was a clear mandate to add more coal ash to our drinking water. Why do you hate democracy?


I lived in the largest town affected by that '14 spill for 30 years. They settled 2 yrs later for $3M.



3mil? That sounds really screwed up. It’s insane what these companies get away with, and that’s with regulation in place and not the ripping away the current admin is doing.


Yep, weird. The settlement was for $2.4 million, but Duke made $600,000 worth of improvements on the park they used for staging when they dredged the river. Google Danville + coal ash for all the details


Sorry to hear that. From what I understand Duke has several others that are probable, but not yet confirmed (coal ash spills.)



This … THIS is what NC is wasting their time and resources on? Good freaking lord.


Meanwhile Duke and the pig farmers destroy the waterways there. I’m sure they will have jail time as well right? Hahahaha, of course not :(


Doin’ that definitely-not-corrupt thang


North Carolinaaaaaa come on and raise up

… take your shirt off, twist it 'round your hand, spin it like a helicopter.

And just because:


Dang, we’re hitting it out of the park these days:


I would wish ill upon them, but …

a) It’s Asheville, my home town. Damnit.
b) Wishing ill on kids is messed up. So let’s shoot the parents.


It’s arguments like this that might turn me around on my absolutist anti-gun stance!


Anyone can call child protective services if they feel a child is in danger. Anti-vaccination parents endanger their kids. Just saying.


I 100% agree with the sentiment, but there’s a whole legal framework that lets them do it. Would just be wasting overworked social worker’s time with complaints they can’t do anything about.