In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


We have to stash one or two away for things like this. Also for when we overthrow the GOP as part of the Penblade revolution. (And I pronounced that revolución, as is proper.)


Which is why I feel that allowing religious or any non medical reasons for choosing not to vaccinate should be stopped.


I 100% agree, just saying that given the fact that there’s a legal loophole for idiots to use, child services and public schools don’t really have any option available to them.


Minor point but the article implies Waldorf schools are some kind of religious based school. My understanding is that is incorrect or at least its not like a hard core Christian or Islamic school.

When we looked at them here in the bay area they were for sure focused on less screen time for kids (which is why we passed and went elsewhere) but it was not for religious reasons more a vauge kind of new age kind of vibe if memory serves.


That’s also my understanding. They’re more “crunchy” than anything.


Yeah “crunchy” is a good way of saying it.


As near as I’ve ever been able to tell “crunchy” is an euphemism for “idiot”.


I wouldn’t call Steiner schools "idiot"at all. But it does require a child with a particular mindset to thrive there, just as would a Montsorri or a military academy or any other theory of education. I’ve known a couple of Steiner alums, and they were both quite well educated, just a bit free-style. I think the phrase they would use would be “self-actuated” or something like that.


Not those schools in particular, just the kinds of folks that would call themselves “crunchy”. Modern-day hippies of a sort, I guess you could say, usually with a “delightful” frisson of self-righteousness.


Didn’t the term originate because they eat granola? And, lord knows, only freaks eat granola.


But of course…


Oh yeah this too


Republicans are THE evil in the United States and the greatest threat to this republic we’ve ever had outside of the civil war.


Here’s an article with a lot more detailed information about the voting problems in NC’s 9th District. @triggercut might appreciate the detailed look.



AP is retracting their call of the NC-09 now, pending the outcome of the hearing. It’s looking very possible that a new election may be called.

The hearing is also going to look at results of the Republican primary, where similar shenanigans may have taken place.


While everyone here was making fun of Trump and his claims of voter fraud, he knew the truth all along. Dedicated Donnie has been proven correct and it’s time to give him his due credit. Bravo, President Trump - bravo!


I voted for my Johnson as president of North Carolina and so did all your moms and yet it didn’t win! Fake election!


Sorry, but your Johnson is better than our Johnson.

North Carolina raise up!