In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate



I didn’t know porn names had such a long (ahem) and illustrious(/infamous) history.


Well, he does have the requisite mustache.


Yes, but no beard. You can’t lead Civil War troops without a beard!


Somebody’s goin to the pokey…


We’ll just continue to wallow in poo while that gets sorted out…


I’m sorry if this comes across as unsympathetic, but as an outsider it sure does seem like a fitting metaphor for the state of North Carolina politics. Hope you all can get things cleaned up.


What is that first word in your second sentence? Google is telling me no results are allowed for my country of residence when I try to search it.


It seems like a very real possibility at this point that there will be a new election called for the NC-09.


State Board of Elections chair has now resigned. It keeps on going …


Hang in there, buddy. These are the dying gasps of a failing political party.


A cornered animal is the most dangerous.




Jesus. Just when you think that it would be impossible to engineer a large-enough scale voter-fraud effort to be meaningful you find out that not only is it possible, but it looks like it actually happened.

Dems just aren’t playing the same game as Republicans.


The really interesting thing is going to be how a new election may happen.

IF the NCBOE says “New election!” then many legal folks I’ve seen who have expertise in the field say it’ll be Harris vs McCready again, because the primary results with Harris winning the Republican nomination were certified.

But if instead they try to seat Harris in congress, that can be refused, and then the Republicans would at least get to run a primary to pick someone who isn’t scandal-tainted to go up against McCready. That might not be enough. To say that Democrats in that district are energized is an understatement.


Holy shit.

An absentee ballot cannot be given to another person to mail or file. You have to put your own ballot in the mail. This person, working for a consultant paid for by the Harris campaign, collected absentee ballots from voters in Bladen County and then turned them over to the consultant.

Someone’s going to jail.


She admitted to a crime on TV. Lol.


The whole board is about to self-terminate, while the legislature tries to figure out a new board composition plan the courts will not throw out.



I mean, at least try to make it look good and not be so obvious…