In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Yeah, it’s one of those things where it’s super obvious once you break down the numbers, but no one had really done that since the district is usually pretty red.

And so even though Dowless was terrible at being at all stealthy about this, he never got caught so he kept selling his services and kept doing it. And now they’re going to throw the book at him and charge him on multiple counts and yikes.


Nobody reads mail from BoE


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If someone cheats in a race and wins, they don’t run the race again. The 2nd place finisher is named the winner and we move on. I don’t get the point in having another election. It just gives the Republicans another chance to win an election they blatantly & illegally tried to steal.

Theoretically, the Democrats should win a new election but I wouldn’t be shocked if they don’t since it’s NC & all.


Yes, if there’s no downside for cheating in a heavily gerrymandered area, why not cheat?


So someone infiltrates and works for the opposition campaign, deliberately breaks some kind of law, and that results in an automatic loss? And then the new party in power reduces the criminal penalty or pardons? There’s a lot of room for abuse with something like this.


Also I have a hard time believing that the relevant laws have mechanisms for voiding an election result and awarding it to the second-place candidate.

Maybe that’s a thing we should look into, but that doesn’t address NC-9 today.


The alternative to the BoE calling for a re-run of the election is to have Congress refuse to seat the “winner” and this will force a new race with new primaries. The Republicans are now desperate to get a new candidate involved, not just a new race with this tainted one.


This has got to be the spin Hannity & friends would put on it, IF they ever acknowledge that it happened! “The Democrats are at it again, framing a poor Republican House candidate for felony election tampering.”

Doesn’t this just give the GOP free license to cheat in every election, knowing they’ll get a 2nd chance with a new candidate if they get caught? After all, voters often seem to show no regard for lack of ethics or morality when they fill out their ballots. The new candidate appears, invokes the Lord and how awful cheating is, attacks the cheater’s character, and takes the moral high ground. Gerrymandering and possibly more cheating win the day for him.


If the morons in NC-9 are dumb enough to elect the Republican after their election was just voided because the Republican cheated, well, that’s democracy in action, no?

Trying to save the voters from themselves is not a road we probably want to walk down.


I agree with this sentiment.
If you cheat, you don’t get a do-over. You lose. And you go to jail.

This is fair, but I still find it offensive that he would even be allowed to run again.


My heart wants to agree with this, but absent being found guilty in court you can’t really bar someone from running for office, no? Unless you want to go down the road of “no person under investigation of a credible accusation of election fraud shall be permitted to appear on a ballot” but that seems like using the law to solve a problem that should be solved electorally.

If the electoral process and/or your dipshit electorate is so fucked that Douchebag McCheatsalot gets elected after being exposed as having cheated in an election that was just voided, well, I don’t think a law like this is going to solve anything.


My congressman…


Heh. My Ecuadorian Spanish teacher thinks I’m totally making up this story about North Carolina ballot shenanigans because no way the US can actually be just like any Latin American country when it comes to elections.


You’re right, of course. It’s possible that he’s innocent, until proven otherwise.

But my gut says he ain’t innocent.


Your gut plus basic statistics really. There’s no possible way that the absentee ballots in that county are so out of whack with the rest of the state. The entire county would have to be a cult-like compound set up for Republican-only living, to shield them from the browns invading the east coast.


The funny thing is, again, McCready would most likely LOVE to get a re-run against Harris. The Republicans are the ones who would really like a full do-over.



And Colbert (himself from the other Carolina IIRC) weighs in: