In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Went through that in 2017, not fun.


100% of elections invalidated due to election fraud in 2018 were due to absentee ballots. So obviously, absentee ballots are the problem.

Why are absentee ballots bad? Because you don’t have to show your ID when you turn it in. So, obviously, we need both stronger voter ID laws and to eliminate absentee ballots.


That is already gaining steam. Republicans already believe every election that was decided for Ds after election day due to absentee ballots was stolen. They are certain that was the only way Ds could win.

There’s going to be a lot of talk about determining elections on election day in the upcoming push to eliminate absentee ballots.


A brilliant scholar once summed up my thoughts on all that perfectly, so I’ll let his perfect words speak for me:


Now is the perfect time to revisit the Infocom classic Border Zone:


Stolen from the above Twitter link because it’s too good…


Not as welcome as “Sump’n Claus”


Ding ding ding!




Best part imo, is that, historically, Republicans come out ahead in absentee ballots.


Well, how are they going to cheat now?


Yeah, obviously the galaxy-brain move here is to expand abesentee ballots as much as possible, because it’s clearly so easy to fraud them, even a modicum of competence at it would probably have been undetected.


That’s anathema to the GOP.


This numbnuts already admitted to this same kind of absentee ballot fraud two years ago, under oath, in front of another BoE hearing about the 2016 NC governors’ race. And there was a This American Life producer there recording it for a story. There is no way the NC GOP can say they didn’t know this was going on, even though the Board of Elections has been investigating in secret for years apparently? This dude even stole this Republican primary for Harris and put him on the ticket this year – how can they let their own candidates break the law and screw each other over like this? Political Darwinism?




“Shutting down the govt” – now one district at a time.


Chili’s tweets their way into the storm:

That unidentified social media person realized shortly after sending the tweet that he or she may have gotten themselves (and Chili’s!) into a situation a corporate chain that aspires to be loved by all parts of the political spectrum didn’t want.


It’s beginning to a look a lot like voter fraud! Everywhere we go…


So the elections board (appointed by the Republican-led state legislature) for NC has been dissolved by the courts.