In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Tryin’ our best to be evil down here…


That is totally evil. Republicans are pure horrible.


Everybody knows Republicans don’t care about children… once they’re born.


But this is a net sum game. If Moira gets her health care and medical equipment then the judge presiding over some GOP politician’s son’s rape trial isn’t going to get his payout. Butterfly wings, man.


So it turns out that letting transgendered people use the bathroom of their choice really DOES lead to sexual assaults. The NC GOP was right!


Projection as always.


What does it say about me that the only reason I checked the article was to find out which bar it was?

(it was Milk Bar)





The only reason we got this ruling is because the US House forced them to do a real investigation.


I remember from December


This almost seems like the worst time in American history outside of the Civil War period.


Actually, not really. We are coming off a long period of relative peace and prosperity which skews our perspective a little bit. This is a better time to be an American than during the great depression, the civil war, probably either world war, etc.


However, it felt like our Constitutional Democracy was in better shape during those periods outside of the Civil War.

Though yes, while it is abundantly apparent our Democracy is being torn apart by Republicans right now, it was worse in the past which is why we needed voting laws. Now that they’re gone, Repugs have gone right back to being evil and un-Democratic.


More than the Nixon era? More than the impeachment of Clinton (could have gone another way)?

You feel it because you’re living it, now. History is, in contrast, either more sterile, unknown (if you’re not a huge history buff), or frankly faded a bit from memory. The current political situation obviously isn’t great, but I’m skeptical it’s the worse ever, barring the Civil War.


Trump is worse than Nixon.


I lived through Nixon and Clinton. Now feels worse. Scary worse.


Definitely worse time I can remember (b. 1962). Was talking to my son recently about how good I had it growing up around DC in the post WW2 Pax Americana era and had always assumed it would stay that way.


I guess it’s hard to judge. The chief differences are 1) Nixon killed thousands of Americans unnecessarily for years, while 2) Nixon wasn’t holding his party as willing hostages in the end.

There are periods of our history when corporations murdered striking workers, and the cops helped them. There are periods when we lynched young black men nearly every day. Periods where we violently oppressed gay people. It’s hard to understand how bad it was back then.


I get what you’re saying. It just seems like Trump has the potential to ruin the future in a way that can’t be rectified.