In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Has this been posted? Seems like Harris should go to jail.

“I love my dad and I love my mom,” John Harris said as his father cried. “I certainly have no vendetta against them, no family scores to settle, OK? I think they made mistakes in this process, and they certainly did things differently than I would have done them.”

….First in a phone call and then in subsequent emails, the younger Harris warned his father of both political and legal ramifications of hiring Dowless….He spoke to his parents on April 7, 2017, a day after the candidate met with Dowless. “I told him that collecting absentee ballots was a felony,” John Harris said, “and I would send him the statute that collecting ballots was a felony.” Later that morning, he emailed his father the statute that makes such actions a felony in North Carolina. He also emailed his fears abut Dowless, saying he believed the Bladen County operation was on “thin ice.”


I think I also read that father and son exchanged emails about this guy in 2016, joking about him rigging elections. Yikes.


Well that’s just about that. Anyone think that Harris won’t win a second election?


After all of this? I would hope that all this stink would be enough to make him lose if people are paying attention.


Breaking News: New election ordered.


Congrats, Representative Mark Harris! I’m quite sure that the shitbag GOP voters will still elect this piece of trash, despite his attempt to rig it in the first place.


So they’re not looking into whether the candidate knew about the fraudulent shenanigans ahead of time? Is he off the hook for that?


Fuck you Mark Harris. You, personally, should get no, “do over.” You should get jail, or a kick from this and any future ballots.


As always, now is not the time to look backwards. We should focus on what’s ahead instead of wasting time looking into who knew what and when. That’s just so yesterday.


Most likely they run another Republican. There would be primaries.



Seems like the punishment for rigging an election is to just get another one, a second chance. Well that seems like… not a policy that will discourage anything in the future.


I’m sure DJT will come down on the republican party in NC hard given his deep concern with election fraud…


Yeah, can you imagine his tweetstorm from his golden shitter if this was a Democrat?


At least we got to see him cry in public.


Yeah, this seems like bullshit to me.

He cheated. He loses, and should go to jail.




People go to jail for a shitload less. He may yet go to jail though, he did commit a felony.


White Collar crime treated right.


The things the Election Board can do may be strictly limited to certifying or de-certifying elections, or calling for a new one.

For criminal charges it may require a DA or state AG to take up.