In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Well good news on that front, we have an AG who is a Democrat. I guess we will see what happens. I’m not holding my breath though.


This whole thing seems ridiculous. If they thought they could win cleanly, they wouldn’t have to rig the election. I mean if you’re going to win, unless you are some sort of dictatorship, why bother? So they have some fear of losing, rig the system, get caught, and as a result get to do it again. They thought they were going to lose anyway, so yay! A do-over. This is so screwy.



Nixon had to be pardoned, and he resigned. This guy just gets a do-over, like it never happened. How are you comparing these two?


I think he’s saying that, just because you are likely to win doesn’t mean you won’t cheat. Nixon didn’t have to commit a crime, either.


Thank you.

Nixon was clearly headed to a spectacular win in the 1972 general election, and yet couldn’t help himself but do nonsensical bullshit like the Ellsberg psychiatrist office break-in, and Watergate. There was no point to it, nothing of value to gain, nothing he should’ve been concerned with.

People in power or seeking power sometimes do really irrational and unnecessary things.


We’re still waiting for some DA/AG/DoJ person to speak publicly about a criminal investigation or any charges. Last I have seen (Jan):


In any case, this guy belongs in prison. I can’t imagine the GOP prosecuting him, though, as it would interfere with their narrative that “voter fraud” consists of George Soros paying for caravans of brown people to come in to vote (literally what my elderly mother thinks is happening).


Honestly, a case like this is a law enforcement nightmare. There’s no really strong and established precedent for procedure in something like this, at this level. You don’t necessarily expect a congressional campaign to cheat, cheat this openly, and leave so much evidence behind after the fact that it becomes impossible to ignore or wave away.

It’s so rare that you actually see something like this at THIS high a level that has evidence worth looking into or charging – and it’s such a political hot potato – that it’s going to take a few beats for us to know how much trouble Harris is really in, I think. For starters, there are likely to be some jurisdictional questions to iron out a little, based on what you’re actually investigating and getting subpoenas for, deposing people about, etc.

It’s gonna be a mess because it seems like one of those things that sits in the realm of theoretical law, like lawmakers thought “We’d better make these obvious cheats against the law just so people know not to do them,” never thinking that someone would be crooked and wretched enough to try.


Not just try, institutionalize.


Well, I had heard what @sillhouette linked, that the feds may look in to it.

Yes, the current NC AG is a Dem, but … he may get push back in his own party for looking too closely. This guy, Dowless, the operative, not Harris, has a rep for being the go-to guy for these shenanigans. And he doesn’t care which party he does them for. There may be worries about fallout for some NC Dems too. So I do hope the feds take it up this time.

While the thread focused on Harris, which is fine, the operative needs more scrutiny. Yes, Harris may have been in felony territory, depending on the cliche’s what did he know and when did he know it. It looks from recent testimony, he knew plenty, early enough.

However, the issue with going after the candidate only with charges is that becomes a good way to “punk” a candidate who you want out of politics is by sneaking a dirty operative on the staff. Politics can be like that. Not that this looks like the case here. But you can help shut that down too by making sure no one ever wants to be the dirty operative. From what I read, Dowless hasn’t testified himself since no one is willing to offer him immunity. Good.


Burn them all. We can’t allow any party to tolerate this kind of BS.

“proof” is in they eye of the DA, being able to prove he suspected vs. he KNEW

100% agree


If I recall correctly, there were a couple of GOP members who tried to donate under false names, were caught, and the check was never cashed. I understand the concern, but have a plant fro the other party trying to rig an election to send you to prison… and then doing their best to make sure the candidate goes to prison with them, this kind of smells like a slippery slope kind of defense.


Very much so. He directly hired the dude after knowing he was committing felonies.

Now where you draw the line is maybe a good question, but in this case? It’s not even on the table as being an issue.


Chris Hayes said that the DA said no one has been offered any immunity.


As, I said. I don’t think this was the case here. BUT, the best way to tackle it structurally is to make sure the operative goes down very hard.

If Harris is so tarnished his political career is over, but the operative gets nothing for telling what he knows: that outcome will be seen as useful as a template to use as a weapon in the future against some other politician. This is “white collar” type crime. I wonder what sentence the operative would get. The NC Dems have reasons to not look so close too. My logic is not that Harris gets a pass, but that the operative must not be forgotten and also get the book thrown at them, to prevent both this happening again and it being noted as a useful black hat tactic later. I think it is fantastic no one will give Dowless immunity so far.

I am afraid I was not being clear?

@Balasarius Yes, but Dowless refused to testify without it. He pushed the issue. So I’m glad the board, not the DA, conferred with lawyers and didn’t offer it.



“He also acknowledged that due to recent strokes and illness, his prior testimony before the board had included “incorrect” recollections.”

I mean, do you remember the shit show when Hillary tripped( or was it coughed?) that one time?


It seems pretty clear that the Democratic-controlled House isn’t going to seat Mark Harris no matter what, so Republicans had better find a candidate there – and tell Harris to stand down in the primary, he’s done.


Not on Harris/Dowless, but …


Very short article. Two of the recent state constitutional amendments just blocked by NC court (voter id, income tax cap). The BOOM is for the wording of the judge in the ruling:

“An illegally constituted General Assembly does not represent the people of North Carolina and is therefore not empowered to pass legislation that would amend the state’s constitution,” he wrote.

That is going to leave a mark.

Edit to add:
Another local Indy/Left paper with a fuller description of the judge’s remarks.

He’s (the judge) an ex-Public Defender too.