In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate

Something, something, vampire judge?

We lived in that county long, long ago. My dad hated working there but I remember any time our county name came up in conversation at the house he would mimic, “The Count,” and say something along the lines of: “We live in Tran-syl-vaaaania, county, AH AH AH AH AH!”

Sorry for the thread derail, I just found it funny that I’ll never forget that despite reading about terrorist shitheads.

Cheri Beasley (former NC Chief Justice who lost by I think 500 votes or so to the Republican this time) said she’s running for Senate in 2022 as well.

That makes 3 very strong candidates. Jeff Jackson to me is still the heavy favorite, especially now with the black vote likely split between Beasley and Erika Smith.

Smith is the favorite of the left, but Jackson will be liked by the left as a 2nd choice- he has a good record on both economic progressivism and trans rights (and I think trans rights is going to be a litmus test for Dems now ,given how much Republicans are targeting the trans community as an attempt to peel off votes from the coalition against them)

If Cooper doesn’t make a presidential run (and I think if he did run in an open primary, he’d have a real shot of winning as good as he is), Jackson is the next most likely Dem to be a Presidential candidate- he’s still pretty young (he’ll be 40 in 2022)

she’s a local disaster meme

I’m amazed she wasn’t shopped onto the now famous NC “snowmageddon” pic.


I believe we already have an Apple datacenter here in NC but that’s peanuts on the job scale. 3000+ headcount in RTP is significant.

I’m curious as the projected wage range and median wage for those jobs. In the US we tend to report raw job numbers without talking about compensation or wages, which is pretty bizarre if you think about it. It’s like talking about giving out coupons to buy games or other products without mentioning how much they are worth. I mean, a $50 steam coupon is pretty cool but a 50 cent coupon, feh. Right?

Since this is Apple, most likely the wages are decent at least, but the number IS relevant.

When we talk about jobs in the US without talking about wages or compensation we are missing a very important part of the discussion. And this is endemic in our media.

Oh yeah. In the South in particular, it has been common for decades to tout the arrival of this or that company and their big factory/distro center/whatever that will bring a bajillion jobs to the state. When it finally happens, after usually a lot of tax money going into the coffers of said company one way or another in the form of tax breaks or other incentives, is that the few high-paying jobs are filled by out of state people, or there just aren’t many of them, and the vast majority of the jobs created are at best less than wonderful. The lack of unionization, which has brought a lot of companies to the South, didn’t help in that respect either.

Reports at this point say $187k minimum average salary.

Awesome. A couple dudes or dudesses make 200 million a year and the rest get ~60k. Ima gonna go for the bigtime salary job. Just gotta brush up my resume.

Let’s see… busboy at Tony Roma’s and… er… owner of Cisco (OK to pad resumes a little, isn’t it?)

Its why Median is a better measure of salary, then Mean is, for averages. Honestly, I prefer to have all three measurements of Central Tendency.

A judge tried to run over BLM protestors.

In other depressing news, Kathy Manning (D-Greensboro in US House) is a full supporter of giving the Israelis a blank check in Gaza.

More from the party that reveres the Constitution and loves its freedoms.

Thread with more details on UNC:

Edit: And there’s more.
Andrew Sullivan is a bit of an ass turns out.

Sullivan has always been human garbage. Why this needs to be pointed out every time he furrows his brow when some fascist does something indecorous, I truly don’t know.

Continuing the thread of North Carolina bullshit, apparently Jacksonville, that cesspool of Trump die-hards which ALSO is home to two Marine bases happens to be chock full of anti-vax and/or vaccine holdouts. Because, of course it is.

At least that vaccine will be mandatory as soon as EUA is upgraded.

So is this a sideways graft bill to Comcast or something?