In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate

Makes you wonder. Everyone remembers the history with Greenlight (municipal broadband) in Wilson right?

Given it is North Carolina, I have to wonder if Duke Energy is somehow involved.

That was I think the very first thing the Republicans did, and TWC gave them a pizza party for it back in 2011.

This is something I knew would lead to what we have today, and it’s a big part of what pushed me more left than I was going.

I had to read it a couple times to see where the problem was. Seems like a good thing and the vote was unanimous, so maybe everyone agreed to do the right thing for once?

counter point

UNC tries hard to portray itself as the more progressive of North Carolina learning institutions. I truly hope this backfires for them in a way that they make changes in recruiting. Also, two years of a back and forth trustees review to get that job??!? Fuck all that.

BTW, I’m saying all of this as a big fan of UNC as they are the public and more inclusive of higher learning institutions here in NC. It angers me this is a thing and that the semblance of inclusiveness I thought they projected was anything more than a façade.

Higher ed is a tricky business. A swamp, in many ways, particularly when you are talking about state institutions. Not to excuse UNC, because really in this case I don’t see much excuse for their actions, but I’m sure they are dealing with whatever governing body (Regents, chancellor, whatever NC uses) rides herd on them, alumni as individuals and groups that provide lots of money, state politicians, etc. all beating on them simultaneously. Regrettable, but not unexpected, that they would cave.

And Municipal Broadband was the very first thing the Republicans went after once they took over in 2011.

I could see that for sure, and UNC is a state institution, with the good and bad that comes with that. That being said, one particular member of the BOT seems to be the leading dissenter that put his nose into business he should have no say in:

That’s one of the downsides to development (that is, fund raising) at a college or university. The donors–which is how you get your name on the J-school, of course, and donation in a big way–sometimes have more influence than they should, or than is technically allowed.

Though not from donations, but many times from investment, executive boards suffer from bad influencers at times as well. It is what it is. It sounds like the school is reviewing their decision.

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One million so-called ‘software engineers’ lawyer up.

If My Cousin Vinny taught me anything, it’s that they could have proved his expertise by asking a bullshit question in front of the jury regarding his expertise.

In seriousness, there are courts that have ruled that expert witnesses are not required to have degrees or even certifications so long at they can prove expertise in their field and current use. This is outside of the Board of Examiners decision though, so I wish him luck. What he has going for him is that a lot of engineers are unlicensed.

I have long thought that the end game of IT fields will be this same path: licensing or some sort of federal or state certification. Yes I know it would take some crazy agreements by people to get to that point, but I can see it unofficially already. Jobs in the past required nothing but you telling them your expertise. Jobs today require a degree and many want vendor certifications. My guess is that if I ever testify in court regarding something in the way of IT networking or security, I’d be asked for my certifications and degrees. The same for any expert, really.

It’s pretty easy for licensing boards to become irrelevant without enforcement. Push comes to shove the state licensing board isn’t going to rule against itself in allowing “practicing” of trades in its jurisdiction. It’s probably true that one doesn’t have to be an expert, but this is just (one would think) SOP in defense rejecting the expertise of an expert witness called.

There was a lot of sturm and drang about a Geology licensing board in Texas several years ago - the idea being that if a geologist working for an oil company doesn’t find oil, he could potentially be sued for malpractice or incompetence.