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Oh trust me I am prepared, as are a lot of others on the US side. It’s already obvious a reckoning is coming, though based on my talk with the CEO and investor I’m pretty sure I’m safe (not that that’s necessarily a good thing). The investor talk was actually pretty interesting because I was able to give him a lot of info on the state of things that he was not getting (though the reasons why he wasn’t getting them are up for debate). It was less of him trying to convince me to his side and him trying to get an understanding of what’s going on at a technical level at the organization.


Well shit this is awkward.

Long story short everyone got hinted that the US team was going to be disbanded (but 3 month severance is being floated around by the VPE that just resigned based on his talks with the CEO, because the business knows it’s not our fault things went sour, it was an upper management issue). I got a call from the CEO saying that me and one of the other senior engineers will be the only ones not let go on Wednesday.

Ok fine, glad I still have a job because I"m respected by the CEO and investors. However, I was already going a bit stir crazy being a remote worker, as I love the day to day interaction I had when I was in an office. I was still doing OK with remote because I was constantly talking with people (both about work and non-work stuff) and I was working with people who were smarter than me which gave me a chance to grow. But if it’s only one other engineer I can even talk to during my day that’s going to make me stir crazy fast.

The real sucky part is that since I"m one of the few not in Boston (where US engineering was based) I was getting a crazy good salary compared to here. My network here in Orlando can probably get me a job somewhat quickly (although the time of year sucks), but for $50k+ less than I"m making now (not a trivial paycut). It’s also a much better market up there overall so they are all in better shape than me.

fun times…


Your past story smelled of that. Especially the CEO showing emails. “I mean, here is my hand, there is only one way to play this …”

Sorry to hear that, man. Also sorry because as a fellow IT doer, engineer, wearer of too many hats, EIEIO, you also know what’s coming. A full plate for you and your fellow survivee.

Here’s hoping the dust settles and you are in a good place, man.


Well it happened today. All my US coworkers were given notice that they were laid off with 3 months severance, so they are at least treating them well. On the US side there’s no only me and one other engineer (one I brought with me). I have a face to face with the CEO to make sure the past forward looks like it will be a good fit for me (and that “if I feel it will be a bad fit we will depart as friends”).

As sucky as it is I’ll probably stay. Besides the fact that I’m making a Boston salary in Orlando (with no state income tax to boot) I’ve shuffled around jobs enough to know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and at least I know what I’m in for going forward.


My entire college education.


Wow. At least the hammer blow was softened a bit by the severance, but it still sucks to lose a job right before Christmas. Sounds like Boston is the place to be for those let go though, so hopefully they all land on their feet by early next year.

My only advice to you given the position you’ve been put in now is to remember that it is far easier and less stressful to look for a job while you have a job (even one that makes you stir crazy). It sounds like the people in charge of your organization like and respect you, and will be leaning on you heavily for some time to come at least, which is great. It is good to be needed. It doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye out for an attractive opportunity elsewhere though.