In Worbital, no one can hear you giggle. Unless you're playing with voice chat.


Looks like this is coming out for consoles at some point. Is it the type of game that will be worth holding off for the Switch version?


There aren’t many strategy games that make me giggle.

I like games where you can haplessly watch something happen that’s unexpected but technically preventable, so you’re invested, and the happening has comic timing. Altitude, Starcraft all-Terran FFAs, Worms, Rocket League, etc. are all like that. I’ll definitely be picking up Worbital. Nice review!


Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess I can imagine ways it might work with console controls, but it really felt like a mouse-and-keyboard kind of game to me. Lots of moving the mouse cursor, zooming in and out, tapping hotkeys, rightclicking, and so forth. I mean, I’m sure it would work on a console, but I don’t think it would work as well as it does on a PC with a mouse-and-keyboard.



Then Steam it is! Thanks Tom.


Interplanetary is by the same guys. I liked it, but games took too long. Looking forward to eventually getting some games of this one going.


My search skills are lacking today, what is the maximum number for multiplayer?


I think i heard 8 mentioned somewhere.


Tried the demo. The only options are the tutorial and online quickmatches. Online seems dead as 10 minutes went by without a single other player showing up in the queue.

Is online dead or is that just a demo quickplay thing?


I can’t imagine an indie RTS getting much of a community going these days. Maybe that’s their thinking behind limiting the demo to online skirmishes? Push curious people into online games with each other?

Why don’t you just play an online skirmish with an AI? Is that not an option in the demo?



I couldn’t get in to Interplanetary. Is this more… I dunno, streamlined? Easy?


It’s definitely more streamlined than Interplanetary.


Thanks. Now I’m interested.


I also recall a strategy game from, gosh, the 90s? You built a base in an asteroid belt to harvest asteroids, sweeping along its orbit as you fought another player’s asteroid base. Search me if I remember what it was called. Probably Space Bases, or something. That was back before all the videogame names were taken and developers had to resort to word mash-ups like Worbital.

I bet you mean O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base.

I feel old now.


From the review linked upthread:

Bolding mine. This is the game precisely for people who couldn’t get into Interplanetary.

Yes! Thank you. That’s exactly it. Now let’s sit on our rocking chairs on this porch and yell at all those kids playing MOBAs to get off our lawn.



I liked interplanetary because it was pretty slow paced and you could think, is this version pause able to give orders or entirely non pauseable RTS?


Cool. Thanks!


Nope. Only options for demo are the one tutorial battle and online 2v2 or 4 FFA against humans.


No pausing. It’s real-time only, but it’s built that way. As I mentioned in the review, some of the doo-dads are based on how much attention you can devote to them, such as timing the defenses or manually flying some of the missiles and attack ships. Because of these kinds of doo-dads, Worbital is necessarily partly an action game.

Well, that kind of sucks, since it really shines as a skirmish against the AI, and especially since you can just do this to your heart’s content to unlock all the unlockables (i.e. no mandatory campaign play or online games). I guess they’re hoping the demo boosts the game’s online presence?



Got it, thanks!


This looks fun.
I remember playing a game on the PC (or maybe even an Amiga) about flinging projectiles around the gravity wells of planets and suns at your enemy. It was multiplayer, very basic, and I can’t for the life of me recall the name of it.
I’m old.