For anyone hoping that Nolan might plunge deeper into the world he created with Inception in the form of a sequel, the filmmaker says… Maybe? But there will be a videogame: “I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place,” says Nolan. “At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world.” He declined to elaborate on details or time table, only to say that he was developing the game with a team of collaborators and that it was “a longer-term proposition.” He calls the medium of videogames “something I’ve wanted to explore” — and certainly a veritable massive multiplayer online role playing game (as imagined by Carl Jung) would seem to be a perfect for the interactive, non-linear dream world of Inception. “As for [movie] sequels,” he says, “it’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”

Alexlitel incoming.

Hideo Kojima would be pretty apropos.

I can see the people complaining about motion sickness now…

Sorry to link a blog post but I don’t really want to rewrite the whole thing… my vision of Inception as a game:

Whatever it is, it will probably be crap. Movie makers either want far too much control or far too little, and have zero understanding. Unless you luck out with a reverent and competent dev team and publisher willing to go the extra mile to do it right, you are boned. This is the same deal with books to movie translation, except book writers rarely have any influence at all (for whatever reason).

Introversion’s upcoming heist game Subversion would make for a great Inception game, or at least part of one.

“Press A B X B A X RT A LT to kick up the layers!”

“Spin top to regain Sanity Points.”

Kidding aside, this could actually be good. It’s not often you get the kind of freedom a dreamscape offers.

This statement, as applied to video games, isn’t making a lot of sense in my head.

Yea the concept is great but how these things gets executed is often far below what you would hope. I felt the same way about The Matrix and the potential for the games were great but there was no Matrix game that lived up to the promise. Hell even the 2 film sequels were subpar.

I’ve no doubt that with some input from Nolan and a top notch development house that this could be great but I’ll not get too excited about it just yet

What he means is that you can do crazy shit that would otherwise break immersion, because you have the justification that it’s all a dream.

e.g. Zero G Instagib Mode in Call of Duty --> immersion breaking
Zero G Instagib mode in dream based environment --> perfectly ok

More likely, you’ll be able to summon chest-high walls for cover. But the more chest-high walls you raise up, the more enemies will attack you!

Architect & Thief LFG for LIMBO trials. Have epic totems.

The thing is, developers who want to do crazy shit don’t put their game in a realistic setting in the first place, and/or they just give their hero superpowers. Form follows function.

So the statement “It’s not often you get the kind of freedom a dreamscape offers.” isn’t particularly true.

It is if you pay attention to the motherfucking context. Which is a realistic setting. Thanks for your post though!

Reading is fun!

Inception: The Game of the Movie will probably just be an open world mayhemfest like Infamous or Prototype.

It could just be a corridor shooter. Think about it. Nothing all that mind-bending takes place with the action elements of the movie. It’s all just gunplay. The scenery is the only thing that requires fantastic vistas. The zero-g hallway fighting has already been in games before. How many gamers said the mountaintop dream was just like a CoD level?

Too true. Seems unlikely they’d deliver a game that didn’t exploit the premise though, even if it it meant doing so more than the movie itself did.

Or they could surprise us all and make it an adventure game with minimal or no gunplay. Put Avellone on it. Planescape: Inception. Bam!