Income as a power law

When I first looked at, I didn’t realize there was a curve at all. I guess that’s the point.

That graph doesn’t make any sense. The vertical axis isn’t a dependent variable, as far as I can tell. What’s wrong with a normal histogram?

If you think of it as: # of households that make this income or higher, it makes more sense.

Well, maybe, but then you have the independant variable on the y axis and the dependant on the x axis, which is non-standard.

Maybe “income of the nth household, sorted by income” in which case all that graph tells you is that compared to Bill Gates you are merely backgroud signal. Which I’m already depressed enough about.

Chart it on a logarithmic scale.

Qenan- Wait, so some dude on some random blog makes a nonsense chart and you post it? What information did this chart impart to the reader? A 6th grade lesson on picking the correct scale?

Income disparity is best expressed by a Gini Coefficient, not two red lines at a 90 degree angle.

It’s not difficult to understand at all. It shows that a very few multi-millionaires in the US make shitloads, and the rest of you earn very little at all, relatively.

I nominate this, alongside about 581 Midnight Son threads, as the most pointless post ever on Qt3!

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Who gives a shit what you think? :roll:

Tim- It’s not difficult to understand, it contains no meaningful information.

That chart is true even in a quasi-socialist wonderland like Canada. I could make the exact same chart about England or Germany, too. Given appropriate scale, that chart is true about every country in the world.

This obviously wasn’t meant as a serious examination of income disparity. It was some dipshits not-very-clever class warfare whine.

Ben it contains meaningful information:

It shows that a very few multi-millionaires in the US make shitloads, and the rest of you earn very little at all, relatively.

You may not like the information or find it very useful, but it is meaningful.

Personally I’m not concerned about income disparity as long as people aren’t living in poverty. As long as everyone is fed, clothed and housed reasonably then there can be as many multimillionares as the economy supports for all I care.

I hear it works just fine in Europe. In the US, we believe that if you’re poor, it is God’s will. Fucking poor sinners!

Yes, everyone country in the world has the same Gini index.

So, after all this, we know that Bill Gates made between 170 and 180 million dollars last year. Brilliant.

I call bullshit on the meaningfulness of that chart. The vertical red line represents a 1 on the horizontal scale, meaning 1 million households. And I guaran-goddamn-tee that there are not 1 million households earning the full vertical representation of that line, ie $170+ million per year.

of course the chart is stupid, but if you look closely, you can see that the vertical line gets closer to zero with higher income.

It is also bullshit in a vacuum.

The blogger, John Astin, is saying this represents a shift in power, without showing any previous data. How do we know this split in wealth hasn’t always been similar? Don’t tell me something is changing with one graph, you need two.

Also if he is just basing his data on the alternet article, he is making guestimates left and right on this. Not that it matters as I am sure the the data is similar, but this is classic blog BS being eaten up as fact. Guy sees data somewhere, makes some guesses based on data, posts his “findings” and then uses those findings to draw a conclusion based on a hunch, not data. Said post passed around as fact. YAY!! For blog news!!

This is comparable to a 15 year old walking out of the matrix and telling his mom “this is all a dream, we are really powered by machines, but dude really.” The only difference is the mom has enough sense to not tell her friends, “we are powered by machines.”


Tim- No, it shows that one guy made $180 million. Because the scale is so large, it makes someone making $800,000 the same as someone making $8,000. This isn’t a reasonable examination of income disparity.

Jason- No, not every country in the world does. That’s why a Gini Coef is valuable and useful information. The Gini Coef is the number, the chart is a Lorenz curve.

Just off the top of my head, I think America is like 2 tenths higher than Norway. Thus, America has greater income disparity. Ta-da, a conclusion derived from data!

This graph justs tells you 1. What the richest person made and 2. How many people there are.

Midnight- Why won’t you ever just shut the fuck up? Youe combination of fanatical faith in your side and your barely 8th grade education might make you a great favorite at digitalunderground or whereever you came from, but this website is at least attempting a higher brand of discourse.

The adults are talking about big boy stuff, keep your goddamn mouth shut.

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