Incredible! New patch and more content for Frozen Throne!

Check out the patch here. It’s currently in Beta, but you can test it out on the Westfall server.

Although I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m truly impressed at the dedication Blizzard has shown for its older games with new patches. I mean, even more neutral heroes? That’s great! I’ve always loved the goblins, and it’s nice to see another goblin unit in the game. The Firelord looks great too.

Even though I’ve always felt Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne were poorly balanced in large matchups (and that Battlenet is a haven for fucktards), Warcraft is still a great game to play with friends.

Kudos to Blizzard for keeping up with their older games, even while they’re gearing up for World of Warcraft.

That second sound sample on the Goblin Alchemist is hilarious.

People still play Warcraft 3?!

WC3 on is still very popular. There are even allot that log on to play Starcraft and thats over 6 years old now… Of course its usually one of the 5 billion variations of the “Hunters” map.

I’m more interested in the fixes/balance changes.

  • Fixed rally points such that friendly units will no longer cancel rally orders to Heroes that teleport, Blink, or Mirror Image.

  • Fixed illusions so they now get correct damage, armor, life, and mana bonuses consistent with the original units.

  • Fixed units in the middle of a non-channeling spell such that they will now auto-queue all orders until the spell is complete.

Damn, it only took them what, two years?

Also, they haven’t adjusted the Tinker’s pocket factory? That’s going to be the death of AT when people figure out the 3x tinker rush.

I’m currently playing massive amounts of Diablo 2 over Although I’m playing exclusively with friends, it is nonetheless very impressive how many users are actually signed onto the servers regardless.

I have some friends who are hardcore into 1v1 ladder WC3.

Fascinating to listen to them talk about it.

They just revamped the ladder system as well.