Incredibles 2 - Suit Up, It Might Get Weird


I thought this was one movie that shouldn’t have a sequel because it would just ruin things. The trailer gives hope that this an unfounded fear. The fact it picks up right after the first one is particularly awesome. They re-use a lot of the same jokes, but they were excellent jokes so that’s okay.


Saw this tonight. I expected to enjoy it, but if recent Pixar history is any indication, to be forgettable.

Instead, I was floored by how much I liked this movie. Easily the best Pixar movie has done in over 5 years. Loved every second of it. I think this is my #1 movie of 2018 to this point, and I was not expecting that at all.


That’s great, but I’d call Coco a long way from forgettable. That was in my top five movies last year. Even its theme and its theme song was about the importance about not being forgettable. That said, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Incredibles II, and am glad you had such a positive reaction to it.


Good call on Coco. For some reason my brain skipped over that. I agree that Coco was excellent. I was more thinking of comparisons to Cars 3, Monsters University, Good Dinosaur. Inside Out was very good too, though. Sorry for the hyperbole. :)


Oh god I forgot about those. Completely blanked them out. Now I can see where you’re coming from.


I didn’t think Monster University was that bad, especially for a sequel but… yay for Incredibles 2 being good. I am seeing this weekend too. Can’t wait!


Inside Out was utterly fantastic.


Blowing out the box office so far. Let’s see where the weekend ends up.


Great film. Appeals to kids, teens, and grown ups. And has a decent message in there for the times. And the raccoon. Will see again!


Really, really well done. Great followup. The “mea culpa sorry” it took 14 years was a bit much at the beginning, but worth the wait.

The graphics were popping. It really hit me when the waffle comes out of the waffle maker. I felt like I could reach out & eat it.

PSA: Nothing at the end of the credits, so no need to stay


Thanks for the PSA. So looking forward to this but time is precious.


Thanks for the heads-up, guys. Going to see it tonight as an early Father’s Day thing with the family.


I thought it was amazing. Jack Jack stole every scene.


Enjoyed it. Not sure if i like it better than the first one but it was good.


That’s how I felt about it. I think I liked the first one better mostly because it was such a surprise. Story was also a little better. But that’s not to say 2 isn’t worth seeing - it’s quite good.


I really enjoyed this movie. I don’t think it’s as good as the first but it was fully enjoyable.

Also, Disney, what were you thinking not sending warnings about that tripped out scene? It felt like forever, and yeah if anyone is prone to seizures or responds poorly to flashing lights (think migraines), might need to avoid in the theater.

I also counted what sounded like 3-4 small children that became scared during one meant to be scary scene. They actually said it out-loud, mommy, daddy, I’m scared. They didn’t cry or have to leave, just warnings.


Appreciate the warning. I don’t get seizures, but they do sometimes make me rather dizzy/disoriented.


Agreed. This was fun, a solid movie, but it doesn’t live up to the first one.


Just saw it. Thought it lived up to the first but simply didn’t have the surprise factor the first one did. Loved it. I wondered if my teens would enjoy it as much since a lot of the humor was aimed at parents but they said it was worth the wait.


I mean it’s going to be real hard to top the essay on manhood and family that the first one had. The scene where the van stops, and Mr Incredible starts to leave on his own before finally admitting ‘I’m not strong enough’ is just perfectly done.

I’m debating making this one my sons second theater experience.