Incredibles 2 - Suit Up, It Might Get Weird


Best case scenario for cinema viewing though.


They’re ghost towns for “normal” movies, but popular with kids movies.


And that’s what throws me off. I got into my routine of going early because ideally I’d like to be the only one in the theater, and don’t end up adjusting because I don’t end up seeing animated movies all that often.


One more thing to note, I am Reflux Man and Reflux Man is me. Finally a movie understands my suffering.


True story: After my mom died, my dad was understandably depressed a lot of the time. So one Saturday, he thought, “Hey, I’ll go see a movie to distract myself!” He went to see Up.


I’m sure there would be rougher movies to choose in that situation, but I don’t think any of them would be animated. Ouch.


This is the worst thing I’ve read/heard since the paul Newman thread necro.


What the hell, Incredibles 2 is dead??




10 years ago bro. Where have you been?


Saw it today. Wonderful! Just the raccoon and baby sequence is worth the price of admission.


I have a thing about babies laughing. To the point where I begin laughing just as hard, until my eyes water. That youtube video where the mom sneezes and the baby does a shocked face the laughs like crazy? I can’t control myself.

Apparently animated superhero polymorph babies work on me too. Whoever/however they voice Jack Jack simply nails it.

I can’t wait for the animated short of Edna’s night babysitting. But I’m not sure I’ll survive.


I really, really want to see that. Edna and Jack Jack must have had a blast!


I too need to see this.

We saw the movie the other day and loved it. We we’re worried they’d mess it up. Do too much Edna. Make Robert really have a problem with Helen getting the limelight. Those sort of things.

But it was near-perfect. Everyone was on point, and while the villian was screenslaved from a billion miles away, it still works.


As far as family dynamics go, I thought they did Mr. Incredible’s struggle with his wife in the spotlight, taking care of the kids and his desire to do what superheroes do very well. They also did Violet’s teen thing really well too. if I had any gripe at all aside from the blatant villain stuff is I thought Dash could’ve used more screen time. It felt like he was the only one that didn’t really… grow.


I agree with all of that. I loved how, while Robert was put off at first, he eventually jumped into his new role with gusto.


How long did it take you to recognize Bob Odenkirk’s voice? It took me a second but I knew I recognized it from somewhere. Then I realized they even made his character look like him and I thought it was hilarious.


I saw it Tuesday with my son. My takeaway is that it’s funnier than the original, but the original had a more resonant story. Which is no knock on this one, the story works on so many levels for the first.

I do love how they handled the Bob Parr, father, parts. A lesser movie would have had him be jealous, act out, or otherwise be incompetent at it. But they made him struggle, but embrace the role, knowing it was best for his family.

The only quibble is how Helen was unaware of Jack Jack’s Powers. Wouldn’t she have seen Jack Jack burst into flame and turn into demon baby at the end of the first movie? And wouldn’t their friend with the mind wipe have told them about the powers after interviewing Kari?

It’s a minor thing, but then not knowing doesn’t really square with what we see in the original.


So none of them see that. They can’t see Syndrome struggle with the baby at the end up by the airplane which is why they don’t know Jack Jack has powers in this one even though the audience knows. Helen just sees the baby drop and asks Bob to throw her.


We saw this on Saturday. The first Incredibles is my favorite movie, and this one was as good as I hoped. The characters were handled well. The story still served the characters, which is the way I prefer, and was a great way to put them into situations that furthered their development. This could have gone wrong in so many ways, but it seems they still understood what made the first movie work.

And the Elasti-cycle was fantastically cool!

No “I’m not strong enough” scene, but one can’t expect cinematic perfection in every movie.