Incredibles 2 - Suit Up, It Might Get Weird


Math is math! Why are they changing math!

A few hours later…

It’s one of my favorite scenes, and a not especially subtle dig at all those who have been wetting the bed to changes in teaching methodology for core subjects.


This makes no sense as the entire movie was great, but hey man, you do you.


I love what they did with him too. I thought the whole family got a lot of attention except Dash. He seemed like the only one that didn’t grow and probably had the least amount of screen time.


Agreed. Which is unfortunate. Violet also had less development than in the first movie. More than Dash, less than either parent.

Though her development is very thematically linked. And I just realized this.

One of the big themes of the movie is the parents making the choices they do, so their kids can make their own choice. In fact they whole motel scene is them debating this openly.

Well her development is about her making that choice. And she does.

And then she changes her mind.

And she can do this because the parents are doing what they did to make her able to have the option.


All the Jack Jack stuff was just gags from the first Incredibles ballooned into an entire movie. Kind of like when Saturday Night Live takes a funny skit and makes a whole movie out of it.

Lucky for me, that’s the person I do best!



Yes, and there was a lot of that (especially if you had ever watched “Jack Jack Attack”). Or at least that’s my lingering memory of it-- it’s odd.

I remember I came out of the theater feeling a tad disappointed; the movie was a mild misfire, not great, but pretty good, very entertaining… and yet I’m having a hard time trying to remember anything at all about it. I swear I can barely remember the villain. Considering I thought the first film was an instant unforgettable classic right after my first viewing, that’s a bummer.


I could actually understand his frustration there. When my kids came to me with their “new” math stuff I told them they must have misunderstood what the teacher said.


Oh I understand! I’ve got it to look forward to. But I’m the kind of crazy person who recognizes that the methods of teaching used when I was a kid may not be some perfected divinely ordained form that is inalterable. That, perhaps, as our understanding of the science of learning improves, that we may recognize that forced learning of rote memorization of multiplication tables may not be the most effective.

So I’m the kind of crazy radical who, after the knee jerk ‘why are they changing it’ reaction actually considers the idea on its merits ;)


Which is to say I really appreciated that, instead of going the cheap laughs route of having him become petulant and aggrieved about it, and goes to argue with the principal about it (as the way to show he is stepping up as a father), they instead go the more thoughtful route of having him buckle down and do the hard work of actually helping his kid, rather than the more personally satisfying ‘strong man’ route of ‘helping’ by fighting with the school.

I can just picture that scene as done by a lesser studio. Think of this in some ‘90’s cartoon, you know they’d go the latter route and play it for laughs. Basically a rehash of the scene where he strangled Wallace Shaw’s character from the first movie.

I just really love what Pixar did instead! It shows their maturity and depth of understanding of narrative. By going the more subtle route, they make a far better scene, with a vastly superior message (and one that is more thematically appropriate!)


Hehe, as a father of three, a teacher and witness to the disastrous results of (and later backpedaling from) “alternative” education methods, let’s say Mr. Parr’s frustration hit very close to home here as well.


Basically the Jack Jack/raccoon stuff should have been a short and the rest of this… didn’t need to exist. Which is sad, because the first one is great. It’s also sad because I love the idea of making Helen the central character in the second one.


Okay, you guys are making me really like that part of the movie. So now it’s got the math homework plus the Elastagirl motorcycle chase going for it. I also liked the stuff with Violet and her boyfriend. Hmm, maybe I did like this movie?



Its a classic Pixar sequel, made to sell toys and popcorn but no where near the original in depth, emotion, or character development. If you go into Pixar sequels with that in mind they become much more enjoyable.


Err, but Toy Story 3.


What? Jack Jack was fun, and it gave you sense of just how crazy his powers are. Plus, Edna, I mean Edna and Jack Jack!


The third one doesn’t have to hold true.


Yup, all good shorts material.


Which is why they made the Auntie Edna short that they released with the Blu Ray


I will need to track that down…


Wait I thought we all agreed the 3 Toy Stories so far were all great, but the second was the best.