Incredibly stupid Star Wars comics/EU question

So I’m reading the Dark Horse Clone Wars TPBs, and at one point they start talking about the Stark Hyperspace War, and how several of the characters (including Obi-Wan) are veterans of the conflict. There’s a TPB collecting the Dark Horse issues covering the SHW, but I swear I remember them mentioning SHW in KotOR or KotOR 2, which is like 4000 years before the prequel era. Pretty major retcon, if true. Do the KotOR games mention it or is my memory going?

Two different Hyperspace Wars- The Great Hyperspace War or something like that which is what is referenced in KOTOR (and covered in one of the Golden Age of the Sith TPBs I believe) and The Stark Hyperspace War which isn’t long before The Clone Wars.

I’m going to go kill myself now…

Wikipedia really does seem to have an entry on just about everything.

I think you said it yourself, if Obi-Wan was part of SHW and KOTOR was 4000 BBY then SHW didn’t even happen at the time point of KOTOR :). After all, they couldn’t see in the future, now could they?

Note that Obi-Wan is only 13 so this could’ve also been covered in one of the kiddie Obi-Wan books ;).

Kevin nailed it, it was the Great Hyperspace War that I was thinking of in KotOR. The EU is dumb. But I do like them Clone Wars comics.