Incremental Epic Hero 2 (and occasionally some other incremental games)

What accomplishments were you able to get? I’m approaching time for WA and trying to work out what’s feasible.

Finally beat the Spire in Trimps, and I’m close to 1bn Helium, so it seems like I’ll finally be breaking out of the Corrupted run rut I’ve been in for ages.

Just three hour tier 1 rebirth. I just missed one hour, because I sort of spazzed out after rebirthing and then turned on nitro too quickly (I also didn’t get my 2nd and 3rd heros going quickly enough). Then I lost track of time and later missed the easiest level 100 raid boss one. Also, I didn’t really try for any guild ones but it might be possible to snag one.

The thing is, first WA does give you toys to play with (depending on points, I had 10). But subsequent are going to give quite a bit more, I expect. Area booster is crucial. It speeds up unlocking stuff which in turn speeds up getting to better xp gains quickly (and also some potential milestones).

Also, you can build up a stock of important potions before WA, and I didn’t. That is a huge potential speed up at start, and will probably help getting some milestones. I’ll do it next time. I’m already spitting distance of another WA. A “min” WA, but because I have one milestone it would be 6 points and that’s Area Booster level 3. But I’m not going to do it. And I need to build up some of the upgrade mats (e.g. slime balls) again anyway.

I managed to get three accomplishments in the end, after WAing with 12 points - T1 rebirth in 1 hour for two, and the first raid boss. Might have been able to get one or two more if I hadn’t misunderstood how weapon retention worked, or if I’d just been more singleminded about it, but I couldn’t be arsed, honestly. I’m still not sure how I’m going to push for higher rebirths now given I don’t have the lower tier title quests for the big XP boosts. I’m not sure what unlocks those lucrative trapping quests either.

As to the former, you have to build back up again. But it will go fast. I think I hit level 50 tier 1 xp boost on the main character in what was probably less than two days or so of auto rebirthing. Game says I am 11D+ into this WA, and I’ve had a high value in that skill for the vast majority (I think I stopped caring at 40+ as I periodically broke off to go do other things with the main, before returning to eventually get it back over to 50). 11D+ and the fighter single handedly, easily got me the five tier 2 rebirths so I could rank up the Temple, and he’s also done a tier 3. Think how long that took at WA 0. It was child’s play. I can hit level 180+ in like an hour or two, tops.

I could do an 8 point WA right now but I’m very close to getting a ninth from auto dissembling. However, I’ve got some things to take care of first. I am pushing guild level 50 currently; I think I’m 2/3s or so to 49 and should hit 50 either some time tomorrow or maybe early/mid day after. 50 means I can do some more stuff in town I want to do before WA.

The trapping quest line that gets you to the reward fire nets is one time only, I’m afraid. That said, and again observing how much faster everything is right now, I hit rank 3 trapper (which I did not do on WA 0) maybe halfway into this current run? I cant’ remember exactly. It required me to focus my active character on farming specific materials from specific locations for IDK a day or maybe two to do it. Eazy-peazy (this was backed by decent town researches in various other things to boost gain, of course). Now I have unlocked fire traps and can snag some more important monsters. Red magislime is a must (auto increase mysterious water cap).

I haven’t grabbed red fairy (auto open treasure chests in dungeons, iirc ) or red bat (+10 auto dissemble slots, or I might have mixed up fairy and bat here) yet but will. My next town researching will involve increasing the power of buffs (so I can get more potent xp boosts from daily nitro chest/dungeon chests/swarm events) and I can’t remember what else but those things I want.

Or were you referring to something else in terms of trapping quests?

Anyway, when I do my next WA I will lead into it with a nice juicy xp gain buff (I did not do this last time).

About how many days should it take to get to guild level 30 with training at level 10? If this is your first time through.

Not sure, but it shouldn’t be that bad if you focus on it. That means having all 3 actives just chaining rebirths as fast as humanly possible.

It helps to push Temple leaf research. At least to level 10-15 (I did 24 on my WA0, which was pretty long; like almost two months or something). That lowers the requirement to rebirth (1 level per research level, so at 10 you can rebirth at level 90). This is one of the most important researches, indeed upgrades, in the game.

I don’t know if the proof of rebirth quests help this. The actual guild xp gain is based on gaining character levels across all characters. IF it does help, getting both passives a single tier 2 rebirth would be more than enough. The guild xp gain increases the high the level you get, iirc, but speed is much better than pushing levels at least at this point in the game. I unlocked archer late in WA0, I think that’s guild level 40. But that is not necessary, and it’s harder to do at wa0. There’s a WA skill that boosts skill xp gain (I screwed up and only got one level of it when I meant to get two; but even that 25% boost has made a big difference in xp gain).

You do need a pet for auto rebirth (normal fairy).

Hah, the statistics screen has all the info I need.

Guild level 30 took me 29d10h on WA0, and 16h52m on WA1.

On Wa0, that’s like me just starting to get serious. I read a bit on steam about how to do stuff and someone recommended rushing guild xp gain to level 5 and stopping there. I think that was a mistake and pushing to level 10 is more important. And like I didn’t get auto rebirth until around this point, I think. I just ignored pets for too long.

7d9h for Trapper rank 3 on Wa1.

I got auto RB2 recently, and it’s a lot like auto RB1, in that it’s really nice to come back to your sideline characters and see they have 10K RB2 points to spend. Getting it was a total PITA, as you need to run a quest that requires 500 traps to get 20 traps of the right color, and you need a few hundred of those traps to get your pet to level 1.

Just hit level 29 - 22d19h WA0 will be interesting to see if I do it faster using your tip.

I dove into the numbers more for funsies.

Level 25: 16d15h
26: 26d15h (I was dicking around big time, experimenting and playing around with stuff).
30: 29d10h.

3 days after I got “serious” again, and that was still with me probably doing some mat farming here and there.

I hit guild level 20 in 5h12m on WA1. But that was with my being highly inefficient (in fact I sort of ignored the other two characters and screwed up there).

I’m pushing arcane researcher researches right now (speeds up all building research). Probably do about a day on each one (all three do the same thing, speed up town research).

Is it me or do the post-WA guild abilities seem a bit lacklustre? I’m thinking I should just save up for a second global skill slot.

I barely touched those new skills. Took a level or two in a couple of them post guild 40 just because. I think next WA it’ll be xp gain 10, one global slot, and then as much as possible into skill proficiency gain and mysterious water gain. A second global slot wouldn’t hurt but seems like a huge luxury that isn’t going to get me other things I want really at this time (I feel like I am nowhere close to pushing for all class skills to level 250 for example).

I think some of them might be nice down the road, IDK. There’s an achievement for hitting guild level 3000 IIRC (heh), so obviously one day we’ll be swimming in skill points and capped on a lot of stuff. And there will probably be a time when we care about stuff like having a 10+ figure gold cap, and as much gold gain as humanly possible. But that day is not early in WA life.

True, skill proficiency is probably more useful than another global slot in the short/medium term.

I say that, but what I’m seeing right now is that it’s hard to unlock later skills on characters because the costs to raise the max level of the requirements is insane. One day I’m sure it won’t be, but even at something like 9.0ex19 mats I’m looking at a single upgrade (+5 levels), which still leaves me well short of the requirement. I think leveled skills are useful - they are more effective after all. I’m still pretty far from unlocking Fan Swing on the fighter.

The global skill slots afford nice flexibility. Their ability to help you level a characters skills seems useful but again unless you can afford the upgrades to increase the cap, or you are pushing for the Class Master 3 title, that aspect isn’t as useful. But using global skills to increase clear speed is always useful. I’ve found the biggest difference maker was adding a movement skill (shield charge, the thief backstab).

Class Master 3 is important. But it may be that the points you need for skill prof gain might be better spent elsewhere if you have Class Master 3 and are in the early game still, IDK. Obviously if you are pushing 4 (level 250 in all skills) you want all the proficiency gain you can get, but the requirement to increase the max level of everything to 250 is well beyond early WA.

Yeah, I haven’t got close to Class Master 3 on any of my heroes, it’s pretty impossible if you’re doing RB2s and RB3s. Once I’ve got an RB3 or two under my belt this WA I will probably push for it.

Wow this game is dense as fuck, can’t level anyone to 100 within reasonable time even

At first. Keeping leveling up EXP gain where you can (statue I think? But also the upgrade you pay gold for, among other things) and do a few rebirths and you’re back to 100 before you been even allocate your attributes and set things up. :)

Skill cost reduction is to more quickly max out all your skills so you can T2 rebirth and buy more XP boosts (also, get the T1 resource boosters, etc.).

This is my archer right now:

I’m probably almost as far as I can go with guild level right now in the time I want to wait - level 56 guild, and it looks like it would take days to hit level 57. Probably faster to WA and throw some more points into guild XP gain.

I did my class mastery 3 before I did any T3 RBs. Extra skill slots means extra skill points gathering up for T2 rebirth, which means more boosts to XP, etc. Class master 4 is gonna be a bit of a wait, though.

I tried that, but I was stalling out at around 200 even with a bunch of skill proficiency boost. It seemed like it was going to take weeks, so I just did the RB3s and WAed.