Incremental Epic Hero 2 (and occasionally some other incremental games)

I find for me that It’s useful to see others timings. Just shows how inefficient I am ;-)

how much fun is sneaky strike!!!

Nice. Like Is aid it’s not so bad once you start to focus on it. True of a lot of stuff in the game.

I actually picked up a 7th milestone I didn’t realize was there: guild level 35 in 24 hours. I should be able to do Guild level 20 in 1 hour (WA1: 1h28m) and level 25 in 3 hours (wa1: 4h19m) in the next WA or the one after maybe. I feel like I might be able to do Raid Boss 1 in 3 hours but I have a lot of work to do there (over 6hr in wa1). Gotta figure out how to speed up. Probably time to do t3 rebirths on other classes.

Im trying to get some ancient batteries so that I can rank up the blacksmith. I’ve got the lab working on storm catalyst conversions which gives me a 0.188% of getting a battery. I havent had one drop yet in several days of conversions happening. Is there something else that needs to happen?

I think that’s it, that’s all I recall doing.

I’ve literally had one just drop since you posted. First one.

It’s slow, you can rank up the catalyst but it only helps a little. Adding extra “points” to the two essence converters (basically you allocate more mysterious water to the process) helps simply because you are converting more essences and thus eligible for more rolls to get the rare mats. The Essence Horder lab upgrade is another one to take, since it speeds up I think essence conversion. You want that as fast as you can get it when focusing on the rare drops from a specific catalyst.

Alchemist Hut crystal research also helps with essence conversion rate. And you can boost mysterious water gain with stone research I think.

And then it just takes time.

Finally unlocked foxes!


It’s one of the things I want to do this WA run. I couldn’t beat the dungeon to unlock Carto 3 with a ~275 fighter with quite a bit of stats last WA, but I wasn’t super intelligent about it (didn’t gear optimize or use potions).

Holy crap it’s going to take me 300 nets to get one level of green foxes. Which means 7,500 red nets to get the green nets.

Edit: Actually, it’s probably not worth bothering. I’m on 10 milestones already and wasn’t planning on going more than 15. Just wanted to unlock Arcane Research, which I did a few hours ago, get class master 3 and maybe some other title quests on all my actives, and get some mastery on some unique equipment. Not sure it’s viable to get 10 accomplishments on a second WA but that would be nice.

I’m not sure. Florzporb in 3 hours seems possible, and I was just 7 minutes off on hitting that (that’s two milestones if you don’t have the 8 hr one). That’s one of the three I need to hit 10.

I was 1h:28 on Guild 20/1h and 4h:19 on Guild 25/3h. The former seems like it might work. The latter I don’t know if I can make it happen. I still wasn’t entirely optimal, and no pots to boot. But those seem like two I need to hit to get to 10 on WA3.

I was 9m15s on Guild 10/5m, so I need to be way more optimal to do that. Or have more guild xp. OR both. but I’m not sure what the play is. I don’t know if I’m using the passive characters correctly at the start of runs.

What’s your guild XP Booster level? I only had a 1 hr xp buff from the nitro chest. Longer would have been much nicer.

What does [E] mean in the title of the quest name?

Your current mastery level. Over over the golden medallion and you can see what the benefit is. Although I think they are the same for all general quests. The first two boost xp given I think, the second two boost the rebirth point award, and then I can’t remember.

ah - thanks. Had never moused over the medallion.

A couple questions. When should you start looking at doing a first World Ascension? Is it one of those things where you want to take it when it’s first available, or do you want to wait a while and get more points?

Also, what is the unlock order for the Archer and Tamer? I’m closing in on guild level 45.

The benefits of WA are dependent on how many upgrades you can take. So more points = more upgrades potentially. That isn’t to say you want to go long necessarily. But it’s about what you think you can do in a reasonable time. You want min one level, maybe two, of Area Booster but that’s expensive (2 points, 4 points cost for each). You want some gulld xp gain inarguably. So it’s really about what you can fit in. If you are eligible for the first but not close to any other milestones, it’s not worth sweating out necessarily. But it can be worth it to get ones you could do in the next few days (if you have the patience). I think I did 10 points, which was a longer WA0.

Archer is the 5th unlock (can’t recall the level, I assume it’s 45). Tamer is the level 60.

Dang, was hoping 45 was the Tamer! Hope the archer is cool. :)

Thanks for the info!

I have 20 active pets. I could easily use 10 more slots. Purple stuff FTW.

What stats/setups did people have to beat Bat Dungeon 2? I got up into the 90s last run. I actually made high 90s on one run a few minutes ago but attempts to rearrange some gear to get tankier seemed to make it worse. This is a level 270 or so fighter.

I did it finally.


I forgot to accessory swap but it didn’t matter.


  1. Had not done a 3rd tier rebirth on the warrior this WA, so I wentahead and then releveled skills for a bit. Basic attack was not maxxed (high 100s somewhere), but Slash and Double Slash are and they’re both much higher level than what I was using (swing down and sonic, iirc) last attempts. And I think that was a big deal. I grabbed a weapon and armor slot from the t3, for stacking Bat Things.

  2. Finished thief mastering various bat gear. I have a def proportion on one of those bat boots. And my only two attack proportion buffs each on one of the bat swords. I’m actually leveling a bat ring right nowm but I happily didn’t need it. Also had the thief level tower shields, which I had forgotten to do. That was like 22% phys absorb in total.

I have over 1k def, but I read of people having much more. And more hp; I have about 18k with Angel’s God Buff enabled (it’s around level 110).

  1. I also leveled the regeneration poultice and elixir of brawn a bit. I hadn’t tried the latter, but the holdup (once leveled and decently geared) was clearly killing the dungeon boss.

I now have access to foxen and devil fish areas (I had a lot of mats lying around). Need to see about fairy progression now.

I am currently at 15 WA points if I go now, but I have several more milestones in reach. @espressojim when did you grab the WA Milestone Point Efficiency upgrade? I am tempted to save for it.