INDEX - Valve's VR Headset

These were the images that leaked in November 2018:

Half Life VR.

Are we sure it isn’t a View Master?

What do we know about it?

I’ve gotten the impression that Valve’s VR efforts have stalled. HTC put out the Vive Pro, and then… Nothing. Compare that to Oculus putting out like two or three new SKUs. I’m guessing there might be some weirdness in the move to in-house hardware.

I also thought Valve laid off a bunch of VR staff or am I mistaken?

Yeah I thought the same. Although I will give this a shot if it has higher rez than my oculus.

HTC actually has three Vive headsets coming out with the Vive Focus Plus, Vive Cosmos and Vive Pro Eye. But they seem more interested in the enterprise market. The Cosmos is supposed to be aimed at consumers, but we don’t know much about it yet.

I am in the market for VR so I really hope this will be good.

Oculus dropped IPD on their new product so it’s nice to see it featured prominently on the bottom there. Plus I hates Oculus for a variety of reasons, even if I appreciated their lenses and headset design more than the Vive.

I have been waffling on picking up a wireless unit for my Vive, but will obviously wait and see what this brings.

I wonder what the price point will be.
Not much of a VR fan myself, but I might get one anyway if they drop in price down to some other peripherals one might buy for shits and giggles.

I actually got to try out the Focus Plus and Vive Pro Eye at MWC Barcelona this year. The Focus Plus’s inside-out tracking was kind of shit and graphically it seemed similar to an Oculus Go. The Vive Pro Eye was pretty cool, though eye-tracking is not as noticeable as I thought (though maybe it was the demo I tried). I got to see a prototype Cosmos behind glass, but the reps there wouldn’t tell me anything about it.

Personally, I am most excited about the Oculus Quest. Sure, its not nearly as powerful as the PC VR headsets, but its wireless and portable. I’ve been very impressed with my Oculus Go, and I think that its very underrated by VR enthusiasts. While PC VR has been stuck in purgatory the last couple years, wireless, all-in-one VR has been making significant advances.

Valve hardware projects feel like doomed Google side ventures.

I think I’m ready to jump into VR, so I’ll keep an eye on this! I am eager to see the specs.

(Hopefully, it won’t be an Epic store exclusive)

Now that would be an interesting marketing move by Valve.

Isn’t wireless VR also PC VR? I know nothing about VR so real question. Is there a VR headset that would be cross functional across all platforms? I’m guessing no with regards to Sony PS4, but I could be wrong?

By wireless VR I think he means more the Oculus Go and the soon to be released Oculus Quest.

No, there is no native wireless PC VR in the market. There is a third party addon for Vive, though.

And first party. HTC’s wireless add on for Vive is outstanding. I can’t see going back to wired for myself.