Indian Casinos

In 2000 (or 1999), I voted for a law that would allow American Indians to open casinos in more lands than they could before in California. It passed. I figured “hey, you know, we screwed up, lets let them get a bit of money back”.

Well, now I’m a little irritated, because what’s happened is that

  1. A tribe is reinstatated (or re-recognized) by the federal government.
  2. They don’t have a reservation, so they go “ok, we’ll take that land right there”, and another law say that they can have it.
  3. They open a casino on this land.

So basically, they can open a casino wherever they want, and in addition, don’t have to share any money with the town they’ve decided to put their casino in.

Where I live, north of the bay, a tribe has reformed and went “hey, lets take that land in Rohnert Park right here and put up a huge casino”.

This of course, ignores the wishes of the people that live in Rohnert park, who in true California style, have started a recall against the city supervisors (who are rather helpless in this matter, according to them). Highway 101 up here is mostly 2 lanes, and already congested.

So here I am, feeling like a dupe. I thought that indians would be given the right to have casinos on their pre-existing reservations, and all of a sudden tribes are popping up and getting the feds to give them land, and setting up casinos in places that don’t want them.

And that’s annoying.

In CT at least its being reported the fed’s have stopped recognizing new tribes - at least that is my impression. Mostly only existing reservations/tribes have got the federal recognition required to get a reservation/land deal/casino deal…this is not the case in Cali?

Seems to me like these Native Americans are finally learning “the American Way” - abuse the system to get your piece of the pie and to hell with everyone else. Took them long enough…

They are limited to putting casinos on land that was in trust as of 1987 (I think that’s the year, can’t recall off the bat, and it’s lunchtime). However, there are two ways around that. If they are a new tribe & didn’t have any land in trust, or if they can get Congress to pass a law that deems later-acquired land to have been held in trust as of 1987.