Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - Bethesda and MachineGames

Something’s…off about the character models. I mean, sure, they’re venturing once again into the Uncanny Valley, but I dunno…Indy looks weird. Lanky is the word coming to mind.

What Brad said.

I mean putting a boat in an incongruous location to show an audience how alien/supernatural something is isn’t some new idea.


They missed out on a Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers crossover.

Your first picture is what used to be the ocean floor. That is a very expected place for an old ship.

A joke, I hope? That’s from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the scene is all about how wacky a situation it is.

The new trailer sold me on the game a lot more than the first one.

That moment where the Nazi soldier dodges the crate, and smugly readies an attack to be hit by the next crate felt like an action beat right out of movies.

I had forgotten Machine Games was the team working on this. Both Wolfenstein games were great, and they absolutely rock at blending action, story and humor together in a way that really works.

Oh, sorry. I was on mobile and thought it was from Mad Max.

The good news is that they totally get the correct vibes and style of dialogue. It seems they have watched all the Indiana Jones 10 times in a row to make sure they were in sync with them.

The bad news is… we just watched a bunch of cutscenes. And well, the point of reference imo for Indiana Jones in the video game world is… Uncharted. Ironic, I know, as Uncharted was at the beginning a simple IJ clone. But Uncharted is famous to be able to play film-like complex, spectacular set-pieces, in a way that feels you are playing a cutscene. This was instead just watching traditional cutscenes? So I wonder if this is a good hint of how the game will be, just a much more traditional experience with first person exploration/action with long cutscenes where the narrative is pushed along.

And don’t forge the ship in the jungle in Monarch, too! Personally, I don’t mind, as it’s a cool trope.

Yeah, it will be difficult to compare to Uncharted, because Naughty Dog is just so damn good at making their Indiana Jones (and Tomb Raider) inspired adventure series. The fact that this isn’t a third person game will help differentiate it as well.

But, MachineGames has been doing some great stuff with the Wolfenstein series, and this will be first person, which makes doing the “play the cutscenes” idea pretty difficult to pull off, something that the third person Uncharted games did easily.

I think the hope is, the first person perspective provides more immersion, and you definitely can feel some of that in the Wolfenstein games, and I hope this game moves forward with that. Plus, MG is really good at making a game where you defeat the Nazis, so they have that going for them.

Yeah, I loved their Wolfenstein games. I’m mostly worried this one will have too much of the Todd Howard stink on it. Like, other than the Nazi doing his “choo choo” American cartoon impression, that cutscene was long and boring, and confusingly directed and edited. And, like, this is a videogame. How is the stunt work so bad? It felt like amateur stage combat night at the local improv.