Indiana Representative takes giant rhetorical leap forward against abortion

By bringing up the long-avoided issue (by liberals trying to avoid upsetting anyone at their cocktail parties) of women feigning rape or incest in order to get a legal abortion. It’s always nice to have an elected official verbalize what his constituency really feels.

Actually, he has a point, which is why abortion should just be fucking allowed. That would neatly avoid the issue he has exposed here (not included the issue with his sensitivity, which cannot so easily be fixed).

And if you outlawed it for all women, then they’d use coat hangers or jump from large heights or take loads of poisons. There is a reason we made it legal.

We don’t approve of that language here! [Florida]

At one point Randolph suggested that his wife “incorporate her uterus” to stop Republicans from pushing measures that would restrict abortions. Republicans, after all, wouldn’t want to further regulate a Florida business.

Apparently the GOP leadership of the House didn’t like the one-liner.

They told Democrats that Randolph is not to discuss body parts on the House floor.

“The point was that Republicans are always talking about deregulation and big government,” Randolph said Thursday. "And I always say their philosophy is small government for the big guy and big government for the little guy. And so, if my wife’s uterus was incorporated or my friend’s bedroom was incorporated, maybe they (Republicans) would be talking about deregulating.

“It’s not like I used slang,” said Randolph, who actually got the line from his wife. He said Republicans voiced concern about young pages hearing the word uterus.

“I think it’s a sad commentary about what we think about sex education in the state,” he said.

House GOP spokeswoman Katie Betta: "The Speaker has been clear about his expectations for conduct on the House for during debate. At one point during the debate, he mentioned to the entire House that members of both parties needed to be mindful of decorum during debate.

Wow, Linda Lawson’s retort was really unexpected (and spot on).

Old men arguing about what young women should be able do with their bodies is still creepy in 2011.


He said Republicans voiced concern about young pages hearing the word uterus.

Don’t young pages in Florida have more pressing concerns?

Would the word Uterus distract them from attending to the needs of the old men?

Obviously using the word Uterus would disturb young people.

Unlike showing them pictures of an aborted fetus. Thats something everyone sees everyday and everyone has to deal with at some point.

Not female parts. Most people will never see those or deal with them in their lives.

I’m happy I live in a heathen commie nation where abortions are covered by our fascist public healthcare and not considered morally reprehensible by a large percentage of the population.