Indie / Local artists

This board needs a place to introduce some of the lesser known artists out there. I apologize if I’m duplicating.

AC The Entity

AC is a coworker of mine trying to get more exposure. He records all of his music in his basement with a couple of his friends providing additional vocals. He has started singing regularly at a couple different venues even though he hasn’t been doing this for long. Some songs clearly need some work, but he’s not bad for an artist just starting out.

Nothing? Do you guys not listen to any local or independent bands at all?

Yes we do, and we have a thread where we talk about the stuff we like that we’re listening to. This isn’t that thread.

all i listen to are independent artists but i don’t really know who else here really has tastes that align with mine, so uh, it’s kind of lonely to post and get no response.

but i listen to a lot of music that isn’t “great” or even “worst” so i dont’ end up talking about music on here a lot because it doesn’t really fit in either thread.

Link? I searched and didn’t find anything. I was just hoping to have a thread where people pimp local artists.

I have been listening to radio on this site and have been pretty happy with their play lists.

Nice, I’ll check that out tonight. They don’t have any pages for Ohio, but that’s small potatoes.

For anyone in the Cincinnati area, Clifton is having their annual music festival this weekend. Their Facebook page is here.

I’m a big supporter of a bunch of local bands from here.

My friends in Typhoon are going to be touring with Yann Tiersen through California, Arizona and Texas this month. It’s a big group. In the video you can see they had 11 people on stage that night. They’ve got a new album coming out in May called Hunger & Thirst. I’ve been listening to an advance copy and it’s just amazing. It’s tempting to compare them to the Decemberists, but they’ve grown past their sea shanty phase. They have this amazing dynamic range, able to bring the thunder for these epic swells and drop to a single voice and simple strumming guitar.

I saw a group called Mountain Man actually from Vermont by chance when they came through town. It’s three girls who sing mostly a capella. They went strait from here to SXSW where they got a nice little write up from Pitchfork. They reminded me of the sirens from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Maggie Morris was from San Francisco, but relocated to Portland recently. I met her when she played with Typhoon and have seen her play a bunch of times since. Kinda folky, twangy, intimate music.

Kickball is simply awesome. They’re from Olympia and are kinda legendary among some circles but haven’t been actively playing for a while. Rock with some sharp, sharp hooks.

I could go on and on, actually. But that’s a start.