Industries of Titan - Imagine a city/transport builder set in Blade Runner

From the Crypt of the NecroDancer devs.

A thread! That I was too lazy to make! :D

I was kinda hoping this would be about making Titans in the Titanfall universe.

I hope it really is “coming soon!” And not two years from now.

Almost a year later and… Nothing yet, but they still have a 2018 release date showing on Steam!

Also their twitter is filled with concept art and a few .gifs

Umm what did I just watch?


Dang. Not sure I want a building game with that much detail in its combat. That means it’ll be a big part of the game. I’d just like to make space-goods, please!

I am not averse to spilling some blood in between my commerce. Looks interesting although given we’ve hardly seen anything really no idea if it is coherent with the broader whole or even what the emphasis of the game is. Is it sort of a hybrid offworld trading company + Anno + killing things, and if yes, what is the core and what is auxiliary?

This game seems like it could either please a lot of people or severely disappoint.

1 year of early access on EPIC. Then when 1.0 hits it will head over to Steam also.

This was on my wish list. Now it is on my 2020 75% off list.

Their loss.

They really haven’t shown much of anything, so I am fine with a full year of them testing it on the Epic store.

I am happy to buy it wherever, I wish they would just tell me a date for when early access actually is though.

Looks like this arrives on April 14th, and is going to be Epic exclusive.

Industries Of Titan will arrive on April 14th, which Nate has dubbed one of the best upcoming city builders. “For all I care it could be a re-skin of SimCity 2000, and I’d still snap it up,” he says. “But it looks like it’ll verge pretty far into 4X and RTS territory, as well as doing everything you’d expect from a town ‘em up.”

Thanks for the update! Not so keen on RTS elements but hopefully thats minimal. Really stoked for this one!

Guess I can take it off my Steam wishlist and forget about it then.

Why does this game look so dense? It looks like a great sci fi builder. I will wait for Vin or someone tells me its great. But gosh it looks good and atm I could use a city builder.

Anyone grabbed it yet?

I got it, hope to try it tomorrow.

I just tried it.

Pretty standard builder so far. (think low def , stripped down Anno 2205) I guess its claim to fame is for each building you can go in it and add modules. But dont expect anything new to the basic formula.

Right now the people are not particularly important, they are all anonymous worker drones basically.

The game crashed on me after 89 mins (according to Epic) but I will play it again for sure. Seemed fun and it cost me $20 with some epic coupon they gave me so thats nice.

It seems to emphasise the building and exploration part of the genre. I like that and the world map seems nice and large, I have no idea whats out there yet.

No sign of combat so far which is good, there is a Zen mode where you can turn off all conflict which is what i will be playing mainly.

So far I dig it. Seems solid, if lacking a little design ambition compared to Crypt of the Necro.