Indy at 65

I think he still looks pretty darn good.

What the photo doesn’t show is that he had to sit down because he was exhausted from chasing kids off his lawn.


With a bullwhip!

Callista Flockheart keeps him young!

Honestly, looks like he can still pull it off. Hit him with a little extra light and smudge some vaseline on the lens, he’ll look 30 again.

What I really hope is that doing this role reminds Ford he once had testicles, and that those testicles come into play with upcoming role choices.

Please no more bitch parts, Ford. For the children.

He has old man jowls and it looks like he’s sitting in a rocker


And, I’m guessing, he has an onion on his belt.

I’m actually looking forward to Ford taking up the fedora again, but I can’t shake the feeling there’s something a tiny bit ridiculous about this, as it would be if they cast Shatner in the new Star Trek movie.


it works because he is actually playing his age.

Shatner has let himself go a wee bit more then Ford has.

How could you possibly know if it works yet? Have you seen the movie in the future?

Is that his cane behind him?

Hopefully he keeps his shirt on, because the saggy old man chest was in Six Days Seven Nights, and that was released in 1998. Things can only have gotten worse.

There never ever needed to be a single sequel to Raiders. It’s perfect all by itself.

I’ll still compusivley watch every other Indy thing that gets made, though :(

Just commenting on the icture.

The worst is Hunt for the Red October Alec Baldwin vs. 30 Rock Alec Baldwin. What the fuck happened!?

After watching Firewall, my belief in Mr. Ford’s action hero credibility is gone.

I think he’ll be fine. I just wish he would take that damn earring out of his ear when in public. I learned at about 30 to 35 it becomes increasingly more difficult to pull that look off.

Thank god I’m not the only person who thinks this. I didn’t really like either of the sequels, but the original is pure love.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little company called INDUSTRIAL LIGHT AND MAGIC.

I was thinking about how they “aged down” McKellen and Stewart in X-Men 3, and just realizing to myself, “Shia LaBeouf is going to be playing 17 year olds for the next 50 years.”

Now if an actor is so old he’s wearing a male guard*, do they leave it there & hope people think it’s a manly-man’s bulging package, or do they slim it down to look less diaper-like?

*Based on the commercials, I’m assuming he has time for acting gigs between Harley rides.