Inexpensive Furniture in Los Angeles?

I need to get a few pieces of decent quality but inexpensive furniture. Specifically a comfy chair or recliner, and a smallish couch, maybe a table or two. I am willing to go to flea markets or swap meets if that’s a good idea, or use Craigslist or whatever. I live in West Los Angeles.

Any tips on good places to get some decent but inexpensive furniture.

PS - I know can always go to Ikea but I sort of loathe Ikea. I will go there if all else fails.

Craigslist free section. Get a truck ready, sit in front of your computer and pound refresh looking for interesting things. I dumped a table, chairs, entertainment center, and desk on the thing for free, and I’m not alone.

XPav that sounds like a great idea and the Craigslist free stuff listings in my local area look pretty good. BUT…

I don’t have access to a truck or muscle (b/c neither I nor any close friends have a truck, I have serious hernia fu that means I can’t lift and my closest friend has 2 artificial hips).

I see that Craigslist also offers guys with trucks/labor at fairly reasonable rates. My question is, does the free furniture go so fast that hiring a truck, and waiting for him to show will ace me out of the good free stuff?

sharpe i get the idea you’re making this harder than it has to be.

you call the number in craigslist to claim the furniture and then tell the person you’re going to pick it up later in the afternoon. So that part is solved.

you then open the yellow pages and call two guys in a van or whatever to go with you to pick it up.

or, you rent a uhaul van for $50, get a friend who is not your closest friend to help you–it doesnt have to be a guy, women have arms and legs too–and you drive it to your house.

Moving stuff is part of the reason why you maintain friendships with people who lift weights.

Go downtown. Honestly.

Really? I can’t imagine these people would be willing to hold things for you.

They won’t if someone else with money gets there first. Too many flakes call full of promises, even demands, and then never show up.

Yeah, Kong, what the last two guys said. Getting the free or cheap furniture is a race. Best bet is to have a truck and some muscle on hand and just keep hitting refresh on Craigslist like Marcus said. Sadly I have neither a truck nor muscle.

In any case, I have partially solved my problem by just biting the bullet and turning to the Dark Side: I went to the Wal Mart down on Crenshaw and bought about 3/4 of what I need for fairly cheap. Since its all boxed up, I was able to fit it in my car. Now for the fun part: FURNITURE ASSEMBLY HELL.

Wish me luck.

Ignore the instructions, pour out all of the parts and build some kind of Frankenstein thing.

Big Lots, my friend. They have a lot of great, affordable furniture.

What’s wrong with Ikea? I found many a fine item at the Ikea in West Covina.

Nothing is wrong with Ikea…unless you don’t want all your furniture to look like it’s from Ikea. ;)

Fair enough.

Fair enough. Just for the record, if I lived in LA, I’d have totally gone with you to help pick up some furniture.