Inexpensive GPS Question

Hey kids, how are ya? I’m wondering if any of y’all can recommend a good, reliable GPS unit in the $200 range, as I’m tired of using my iPhone. :) Thanks in advance for your advice or suggestions.

I use the Garmin 350 and like it alot.

Yeah, the Garmins look VERY appealing based on reviews I’m reading. The 360 with bluetooth looks even slightly better at $20 more:

Before it got stolen, I loved my wife’s Garmin 360 (purchased from Denny – A++ #1 seller, etc. etc.) We replaced it with a cheapo Navigon, which was $75 after the coupon I used. It’s not great, but it gets the job done (mostly).

Garmin Nuvi 200W - Wide screen, great GPS…have used it now for 3 months and love it…you can find it for under $200. I had a 560 and it was nice but was more expensive with the traffice module built in and bluetooth…I didnt need those two features and wanted a wide model, which makes a big differece for me…and the 200W is pretty flat compared to that 560.

I picked up the Magellan 4250 about 8 months ago for $250 at Costco. Really like it.

Mio C320 for $119 at Circuit City. You can hack the crap out of it too.

I use millions of tiny red, green, and blue dots that are magically emblazoned onto a piece of dead tree.

It’s cheap as hell.

I got a refurb TomTom 720 from Amazon for $170 with a two-year replacement plan for 25 bucks. It has been pretty good so far, although it washes out pretty badly in direct light.

I needed something that I could use in both North America and Europe, and the cheapest unit that satisfied that requirement was the Garmin 270. I paid nearly $300 for it in May. I just took a look on Amazon and saw that it’s selling for $159.99.

Highly recommended at either price.

I did too until I gave in and got the Garmin 350. Now its become one of those things I don’t know how I lived without it before.

It’s subject to premature failure from excessive liquid spills and has a limit of ~500 folds before terminal separation, though.

I have a Garmin 200w which does everything I need it to do and has lasted through a couple of years of droppage and storage in a hot glovebox in my car with no problems. Very intuitive to use, too. When this one finally breaks, I’ll buy another Garmin.

I picked up a Garmin 750. It works very nicely.

I bought a bluetooth GPS module on Ebay for about €20 new and then got TomTom 6. Works a treat with my Nokia N73.

Also recommend Garmin devices. Also used Pogo’s method before for years and years and admit to running off and buying a second GPS device in Spain rather than rely on maps.

Based on Consumer Reports’s recommendation, I bought a Garmin 260W last year for my parents to take on a road trip to Canada (which ironically they had to cancel): they seem to like it and they’re not exactly tech-inclined. Do you want spoken street names? I think you can save $50 - $100 getting a GPS without that feature.

I find the spoken street names helpful so I can confirm what the GPS is telling me matches where I actually am. It’s also helpful where the intersections aren’t the simple + or T.

I bought a Garmin nuvi 200 a few months ago on sale for $99. If I could go back now, now that I know that I really like having a GPS, I probably would have coughed up the extra dough for one that did text-to-speech on street names. It’s not a huge bother, but it does mean that I need to glance over at the display to confirm exactly where I need to be going in tricky areas (weird interchanges, etc.).

The iPhone doesn’t have an app that will do the spoken instructions for you?

ATT offers Telenav for something like $20 for my Blackjack II (which also has a GPS), I can’t imagine they wouldn’t offer it for the iphone too.

Ouch. Did they do a smash and grab on your unit?