Infernal Affairs

I submit that you don’t remember the crawl at the end of IA

You mean, that quote from Confucius[sp?] about continuous hell? Yeah, I had.

Yeah, I see your point. It really is difficult to defend the Departed over IA in any sort of coherent way, and I’ll settle for just liking it better, and that’s that. IA I like about the same before I saw the two sequels, and a lot less after I did. 2 was not terrible but 3 was a deal breaker.

Nope, the bit about someone finding out that IA’s undercover guy was a cop after going through files.

I’m not sure Confucius believed in a hell. At least, not the Judeo-Christian version of it.

there’s also an alternate IA ending when andy lau’s character is found out and arrested at the end. made for mainland china censors. or mainland china audienecs at least.

That would actually tie up some plot holes.