Infested Planet


They keep it fresh and guarantee a few goes each week. I can complete silver no probs , gold most of the time, above that I dont think i have ever won. I ended up finding the most fun in speed running bronze and tweaking things to get where i am now.


Well sheeeeeet.

First punt (after a year or so away I might add!)


I am the best at bumping old threads! ;)

Dammit @geggis !


I beat you by one place on the leaderboard lordkosc… but that means @geggis smoked me!

When I first started up the challenge I just stared at the screen because I had no recollection what to do :-)




So close!


Not sure how to squeeze more score out of this now!


Played a second game and did slightly better.


Managed to get myself to #7 (after being one point behind geggis for about a half hour). I’m content with that for tonight, but know I could claw back some more time if I were more efficient. Great heaps of rust to shake off.


If you are all hitting top 10 so quickly then 3rd should be easily doable. Be interested to know how Aelfwin and Nicholas can be beaten.


Hunt them down and demand a stream of their game. If they’re always beating you then clearly they’re cheating bot-people!


Hah, I’m sure our tactics are super sekrit but quite viable.


Took me a while to beat your score Otagan! I was trailing by one point as well!

@playingwithknives, I salute you.


Am I assuming correctly that this leaderboard stuff doesn’t rely on having any of the dlc? Edit: Installed it on the laptop and see that it doesn’t. Cool. I’ll give it a shot tonight


Correct. :)


Ive played it every week for months though, I was 7th or 8th last week iirc.


Whew, I’m not sure how much more I can trim off of this with what I currently know. Those top spots seem basically impossible.

EDIT: Or, at least, they did seem impossible until I noticed you can use the DLC abilities in the challenge. I haven’t even touched them until now. Hmm…


This is some pay2win bullshit!



They enabled for everyone in the challenges.


Ah, that may be the bottleneck! I had real difficulty getting close to yours, let alone beating it once.