Infiltrating terrorists from home

After her testimony, Rossmiller says, the FBI made her an intelligence
asset. She now has a contact at the Great Falls FBI field office, an agent
named Mark Seyler. His boss, Timothy Fuhrman, would not comment on
Rossmiller’s claim that she has sent the FBI more than 200 of her “packages”
since 2002, saying that he would rather keep the details of her intelligence
role restricted to what is already on the public record. He did say that “we
can always learn from her.”

In fact, it’s distinctly possible that Rossmiller, alone at her computer,
has a better track record than the Justice Department. A Washington Post
analysis in 2005 of the 400-plus people charged with terrorism-related
crimes by the federal government found that only 14 of those convicted
actually had any ties at all to al Qaeda or its network. Rossmiller’s cases
have come with solid backup, while the feeble evidence in the other
high-profile Justice Department cases makes many prosecutors roll their
eyes. Consider the seven Miami men arrested in the summer of 2006 and hyped
as desiring to wage a “ground war” against the US and intending to blow up
the Sears Tower in Chicago. They turned out to be a bunch of trash-talking
blowhards whose plans were formulated while smoking pot in an empty
warehouse. In contrast, the man Rossmiller most recently implicated -
Michael Reynolds - had prepared meticulous plans to blow up pipelines and
was shopping online for used gas trucks to implement his plot. The
Pennsylvania resident was arrested after traveling 2,000 miles to southern
Idaho, lured by Rossmiller into a supposed meeting with a financial backer.

Explain to me again how the government does this sort of thing better than private enterprise.

Also, explain to me how in the world I can meet a girl like that.

Not surprised at all about this. As soon as I began reading about how decentralized Al Qaeda was, after 9/11, I knew that this kind of legerdemain could, and would, happen. Anonymity on teh intarwebs cuts both ways.

I personally think it’s hilarious.

Google chubby middle aged female shut in, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of hits.

Oh hai 2 u Mrs. Rossmiller! Thanks for reading this thread plz to be not implicating me in terrorist plots now!

She creates multiple characters and uses her older and more respected personae to invite the new ones into private forums.

Oh great, she zergs.

Dude, places like the MMF Hall of Humiliation have been doing stuff like this for over a decade now. In the last 4 years, the rise of places like 419 Eater have continued this thread.

It was only a matter of time before terrorism was attacked in the same manner.

Dude, didn’t you read the article? High school cheerleader, top of the pyramid. And now she generates actionable intelligence. Don’t care what she looks like now, women aren’t designed to be hot past 35 or so anyway. She teh 4w3s0m3. Me want.


Explain to me again how the government does this sort of thing better than private enterprise.

A few weeks ago someone was complaining about people setting up comical libertarian straw men, and how unfair that was.

I’d just like to note the above comment about privatizing national security next time that comes up.

Yep, privatization works!

Edit: Heh, just realized their little globe graphic on their front page looks just like the Halo3 lobby image.

They were being paid to make sure the US people under their protection aren’t hurt. They were not being paid to make sure Iraqis don’t get hurt. I’d say everybody got exactly what they paid for.

She’s awesome. We need more women like her.

There is a lot of this kind of activity underway. Think “To Catch a Predator” for counterterrorism. There have quietly been some very interesting successes scored in these operations, many of them by citizen volunteers like Rossmiller (coordinated by federal agencies).

How do you troll terrorism forums without getting kidnapped by dudes in black helicopters? I don’t get how anyone feels safe “pretending” to be a pariah on the internet.

Wow. Just…wow.

I’m not sure your weakness for MILFs is really a basis for a sound national security policy.

Borderline vigilante groups and anything introduced with “after 9/11…” are never good either, but the MILF thing is definitely the most damming.

Normally I’d agree with you, but I’m too busy making a tin foil hat.