Infinifactory .... Now out on early access

Time to work those brain cells !

Loved Spacechem (didn’t finish) but have to pick this up.

According to RPS it is at a “release level” of their past games.

I’m on the mailing list! WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED! OMG now I have to wait until after work to play this. WHY IS THE CLOCK SO SLOW?

Link to the game:

Hmm. This isn’t the game I thought it was. The one I am thinking of also has a factory concept, but it is more top down. In one video I saw, there was some pollution that pissed off some bugs which attacked. That one I am interested in.

That’s probably Factorio.

OUTRAGE!!! Me too. I picked it up as soon as I saw the post on RPS.

Game is pretty great so far. You get to see how any of your steam friends did with a solution too, so everybody friend everybody if you haven’t.

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Definitely. Factorio is awesome too! Actually it was my game of the year, I haven’t been that obsessed over a pc game in I don’t know how long.

Infinifactory is very polished for an Early Access game, which is to say, it’s basically feature/story complete at this point. This is one of the very few exceptions to my “no Early Access purchases” policy.

I interviewed Zach last week on my podcast and one thing he brought up was that the game is done in the sense that it would be considered their release version of it. The “early access” tag simply means that they are going to continue development of the game for hopefully the next 3 to 6 months or more if the game takes off.

I think that price is going to be a barrier for a lot of people. SpaceChem is good, but Zach has admitted that the theme (chemistry) made the game a hard sell to a lot of people. On first impressions, a lot of people just thought it was work instead of a puzzle game. SpaceChem became “that really hard game about chemistry.”

While Infinifactory looks a lot friendlier, I’m sure it gets fiendishly hard in later levels. That’s cool, but I think $23 ($25 normally) is going to put a lot of people off.

I am torn between my Zachtronics love and my early access hate.

So yeah, I don’t know about other people, but my impulse buy threshold is $20 right now.

Well, he can shut up and take my money(.jpg). I bought SpaceChem at some ludicrous sale price, and I beta-tested Ironclad Tactics, so I got that for free. I owe the guy some money.

Yeah, no matter how good the premise is, “early access” is scary. I’m still feeling burned over DF9.

On the other hand, I got an enormous amount of play out of Factorio, and that’s very much unfinished. There’s no real endgame to it, and it needs some balance tweaks to make railroads necessary rather than something you do if you’re pulling a Dwarf Fortress and making a megaproject rail system that isn’t in any way required by the existing endgame.

Which I’ve done. Big railroad systems in Factorio are a lot of fun.

That’s helpful. Maybe I’ll pick it up after all, “early access” tag or not.

So far the only whiff of early access I have encountered is the solution recorder isn’t implemented yet. Which is fine with me, the rest is all really polished.

And just in case somebody else is trying to optimize their scores and were being driven mad by certain ‘impossible’ scores:


Ah, thanks for that. I’m going to assume that’s why Itsatrap’s scores are so much better than mine.

I’m if anybody wants more names on their leaderboards!

Don’t forget to ramp up the input rate while in build mode by clicking the plus/minus keys or hitting the bracket keys ] and [. That drastically cuts down on your cycle time scores. Took me awhile to figure that one out.

Holy crap this game is extremely satisfying. I think I forgot why Spacechem was so amazing until I was playing this.

Well, went through the tutorial (first set of puzzles in the snow)…

SpaceChem is one of my favorite games EVER, so no wonder I also love this. But…

While I enjoy the 3D aspect brougth into the manufactoria paradigm (it does make for some interesting thinking, I find the first person view annoying… I might warm to it, but it feels like a cumbersome way to navigate the space.

However, I want to know where he goes with the story. I loved (and so far preferred) the SpaceChem approach to story. But this has potential!

And yes, it’s polished. Doesn’t feel like early access at all…

How many puzzles are there?

I think 30, i recall reading 30 levels.