Infinite Space/Line (Sega: DS)

I know the game’s not due for another year, and in all likelihood it could get cancelled, but bloody hell, the concept itself looks terrific. There can’t be too many space-based games on the market. It looks more like an RPG than a space simulator (Elite, Privateer), but I’ll take what I can get.

Has anybody heard any more about this one? Was there anything about it at E3 this year that I apparently missed?

The only thing I’ve heard about it was a small blurb in Nintendo Power which didn’t have a lot about it. I’m keeping my eye on it just like MadWorld.

I was a little concerned about the director being from “Nude Maker”, but it turns out that’s a more complex resume than I expected.

Here’s DS Fanboy coverage so far, not much here either. There is this:

You’ll have over 150 ship parts from which you can build your ship, and over 200 crew members. Infinite Line uses a sort of Final Fantasy-like active-time system, in which each character has an individual wait between turns, but those count down in real time. The interesting wrinkle with Infinite Line’s system is that a full ATB gauge enables more options.
Sorry, what’s an ATB gauge?

Anyway, this bears watching. I’m glad its slated for 09, since I already have enough DS goodness to last me well through 08.

It’s a JRPG convention, the gauge that is the graphical representation of how long you have to wait before your character can move. A bunch of Final Fantasies had the gauge and the system, FF12 just had the system with no gauge, if you get what I mean.

Here they seem to be drawing a line between when you can ordinarily do something and when you can have more options if the gauge is full, so I’m guessing it’s a bit different. Maybe there’s a collective ATB gauge or something.

That looks great. So it’s using the active-time system for combat? I wonder why it’s a DS game instead of 360 or PS3. I’m not against using my DS, but it sure would be nice to have more games like this on my 360.

Could be something like Penny Arcade did.

Yeah, the former makers of hentai games are not the people you would have expected to make the finest mech simulation in history, but here we are.

It may have been their mech obsession that lead them to having to create women in the first place!

making hentai game is good money in Japan.

3rd party developers need extra income to tide them over, just like some manga artists release adult manga.

It’s also not such a big deal in Japan, whereas here, boobs will apparently kill you or make you blind, or something.

Also, stop abusing apostrophes.

Hey, doesn’t bother me. SB:LOC made me a Nudemaker Fanboy until death. God, I loved that game.