Infinity - Search for Earth, Combat Prototype

Very pretty elite-esque space shooter. There’s intended to be a full universe simulation game kinda thing eventually, but the downloadable combat prototype is here. A picture of the (untextured) ship renders is here.

Anyone tried it?

Er… I’m pretty sure that one of those ships doesn’t belong in space.

Interesting. There for scale, or are these guys Battleship Yamoto fans?

That’s a very cool fleet diagram thing. It’s clickable for zooming but I gotta say that I find the size of the biggest ship really silly.

The Nimitz that’s included for scale is 100px in the x direction. I realize it’s at an angle but if we assume it’s at the same angle as the other ships then we should get a good approximation of the length of the Flamberge. I measured the Flamberge at a little over 1500px in the x direction so it’s about 15 times as long as a Nimitz class carrier which was listed as 317m on Wikipedia which gives us a length of about 4700m or 4.7km. In comparison a Star Destroyer is supposed to be about 1.6km and a Super Star Destroyer is supposed to be 19km long. Contrast this to Star Trek ships…the Enterprise D is supposed to be about 640m long.

Personally I find the Star Trek scale to be a bit more interesting and workable. This game will be a bit too far off the deep end as far as ship sizes go.


For my money they should have stopped at the line of ships that reads Vanguard…Intrepid.

Tip: Hire writers. His overview is Children of Men + BSG = great premise!

Also…isn’t this some kind of one-man operation?

The initial shtick was the procedural generation of a universe, including planets, and I think that was all the one guy. Check out some of the videos, they’re pretty amazing. To flesh it all out I believe he’s got more people on board, modellers texturers and whatnot.

So has anyone tried the demo?

It’s not a demo. It’s a veeeeeery simple space combat… thing. It’s got a long way to go.

aH, ok. I’ll have a looksie with suitably lowered expectations.

Space + Battles = Must Watch

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Nah, they should’ve stopped at “Unnamed”.

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Thankee Thankee

Hah! Good catch!

Bump to keep this project fresh in a few peoples’ minds. Still looks far from being done, but it’s an interesting project nonetheless, and I enjoy the media updates he posts (they look just so neat!) He’s apparently had a huge change within the writing team, including the lead writer, so hopefully things shape-up in terms of a more original plot.

Also, this made me lol:

I clicked on this thinking the title meant Infinite Ward and I was all over it. Then it’s just some mook.


This will never be done. He has to finish perfecting his procedural generation of the number of reeds in the underwater baskets that the procedurally generated aquatic species on ocean planets will be making, first.

Arise thread. No way it will ever look like this but it’s fun to see Derek Smart’s wet dream done by 4 people.

Wake me when they model Ringworld.

It’s unstable, didn’t you hear?